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Jacksonville Jaguars Madden 23 ratings revealed, Scherff top-rated player

Madden NFL 23 is set to release later this fall, with the Jacksonville Jaguars’ ratings officially revealed.

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With the NFL season nearly underway with training camp beginning for the majority of teams next week, this year’s Madden NFL release is just around the corner and the official ratings for the latest installment, Madden NFL 23, have arrived, including for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Over the past week, Madden 23 has teased ratings, including posting several players’ ratings, including one for Jaguars running back Nathan Cottrell, who surprisingly made the teaser for fastest backs in the game ahead of teammate Travis Etienne.

Now, everything is out there, starting with the Jaguars’ overall team grade of 76 overall. That is ahead of the Detroit Lions (72 overall), New York Giants (74), New York Jets (75) and the Houston Texans (71), while being tied with the Seattle Seahawks.

The ratings come from, with full ratings of every NFL franchise listed, along with all of the players included on the roster. Here is the full list for Jacksonville.

With that said, here are some player ratings that caught our eye:

RG Brandon Scherff (87 OVR)

Scherff was brought in this offseason, billed as a premier building block for Jaguars head coach Doug Pederson and his offense surrounding quarterback Trevor Lawrence. After spending the first seven years of his career in Washington, Scherff comes to Jacksonville as the team’s top offensive lineman and top player in Madden 23.

It’s no surprise that Scherff was graded so favorably, the 30-year-old is one of the top guards in the NFL, when healthy. The latter part is reflected in his rating with an injury rating of just 85.

Scherff comes in with an 87 blocking grade, including 87 run block, 85 pass block and 89 impact block.

QB Trevor Lawrence (74 OVR)

Lawrence will be the most-watched player on the Jaguars this season, and his lowly rating of 74 overall shouldn’t be too much of a surprise after he wasn’t able to showcase all of his talent just a year ago.

The Jaguars overhauled their entire coaching staff following a 3-14 season that saw Lawrence throw for just 12 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. With Pederson now in charge, along with other coaches, the team has now surrounded the former No. 1-overall pick with plenty of help to kickstart what ought to be a solid career moving forward.

Lawrence’s overall of 74 might appear low at first glance, but he does have an 84 overall in passing-specific ratings, including a 91 throw power, 86 short accuracy, 80 media accuracy, 81 deep accuracy, 83 throw on the run, 84 play action and 80 throw under pressure.

RB Travis Etienne (77 OVR)

As mentioned earlier, Etienne appeared to get snubbed by a tease list and comes in as one of the fastest RBs in the game with a 92 overall speed rating. That includes a 94 acceleration and 87 overall agility rating.

Etienne is coming off of a season-ending Lisfranc injury that he has now nearly 100% recovered from entering training camp on July 24. He will certainly be a player to watch moving forward, and his Madden rating isn’t a surprise as he was billed as one of the top backs entering the 2021 NFL Draft for his speed and agility.

LB Foye Oluokun (80 OVR)

Oluokun was another big-ticket free-agent signing by the Jaguars earlier this offseason. He comes in as the expected starting middle linebacker, along with rookie LB Devin Lloyd. His overall rating doesn't come as a surprise after he led the NFL in tackles, and he received a 90-tackle rating as a result.

Oluokun’s speed rating of 89 overall also tracks, as he ran a 4.48 40-yard-dash prior to the 2018 NFL Draft. Oluokun is going to be a major part of the Jaguars’ rebuild and defense this upcoming season.

DT Foley Fatukasi (80 OVR)

Another piece of the team’s free-agency haul this offseason, Fatukasi enters the game this year with a solid rating, including an 89 play recognition and 91 strength rating. He is slated to play a major role inside at nose tackle for Jacksonville, likely coming in on third downs as well to provide help inside in the pass-rush department.

WR Christian Kirk (81 OVR)

The highest-paid free agent in Jacksonville this year, Kirk comes in perhaps a little lower than what fans would like to see after giving him a four-year, $72 million contract just a few months ago. Still, Kirk’s 91-speed rating and 93 acceleration ought to get people excited about what he might bring to the table on the actual gridiron.

He carries an 89 catching rating, 85 catch-in-traffic and 83 short route running rating. Kirk is likely to play primarily in the slot this season for Jacksonville but will split outside in two-receiver sets.

TE Evan Engram (81 OVR)

Engram could become Jacksonville’s best free-agent signing when it’s all said and done if he’s able to live up to what his potential was coming out of Ole Miss in 2017. With an 88-speed rating, Engram is one of the fastest tight ends in the game, he also boasts a 91 acceleration.

With Pederson’s propensity to utilize the TE position in his offense, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Engram finish the year as the team’s most productive receiver when it is all said and done.

CB Darious Williams (82 OVR)

Williams arrived in Jacksonville as a free agent earlier this offseason and is expected to start at nickel with cornerbacks Shaq Griffin and Tyson Campbell manning the outside. Williams’ overall of 82 isn’t much of a surprise after he played admirably for the Los Angeles Rams over the past few seasons.

He boasts an 84 play recognition rating, 82 man-coverage rating and an 81 zone-coverage rating. Williams might not be the most noticeable player within the team’s free-agency haul, but he is certainly one that will have a major impact on the defense this year.

EDGE Travon Walker (76 OVR)

The first-overall pick will always get a bit of a rating boost, and that wasn’t any different with Walker as one of the top-rated rookies in Madden this year. His physical attributes are off the charts, including ratings of 88 for speed, 92 foe acceleration and 88 for strength.

Walker is slated to start opposite Josh Allen, and is expected to make a major impact for the team in the pass-rush department.

LB Devin Lloyd (73 OVR)

Lloyd was the second of the team’s two first-round selections this year and comes in as another highly-rated rookie in this year’s Madden. His speed rating of 84 and acceleration of 91 are two of his best attributes, with his pursuit rating of 87 and hit power of 81 coming in closely after.

Lloyd is expected to be the team’s other starting middle linebacker this year next to Oluokun.

To find all of the team's ratings in the latest Madden, be sure to click here.