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2022 fantasy football predictions: Jaguars players with high ceilings

Jacksonville Jaguars Training Camp Photo by James Gilbert/Getty Images

Matthew Berry has just one Jacksonville Jaguars player on his Top 100 Big Board for the 2022 fantasy football season.

And it’s Travis Etienne.

It’s egregious. It’s preposterous. It’s...

Well, it makes sense.

The defense is (to put it mildly) not there yet to make any sort of impact fantasy-wise. And the offense depends on Trevor Lawrence taking a huge leap in his development. There aren’t any players on this roster you should pick in the first few rounds, but could there be some steals in the middle or late rounds that provide you some great backend value?

Yes, yes, and hopefully. (Because if not, this season is going to stink out loud.)

Let’s go confirm some biases together and build some unfounded hope with a look at some Jaguars players who could play above the round you draft them in.

RB Travis Etienne

Yes, he missed his rookie season. But before that he was a first-round talent in line for a lot of snaps—and it’s the same this year. I’d be shocked if he doesn’t have at least 200 touches, 40 receptions, and 1,000 total yards by season’s end.

The only question is if he can get into the end zone with the Jaguars upgrading their roster by way of red zone targets like Evan Engram and Zay Jones. Don’t make him your RB1, but if he’s there in the fifth or sixth round, he could be a boon, especially in early-season matchups.

WR Christian Kirk

Pay attention to how many points per reception your league offers because that’s where the money is to be made with Christian Kirk. He won’t pile up the yards, and he’ll probably finish with 6-7 touchdowns, but he’ll see a ton of targets. My guess? Close to 120.

And if your league a 1.0-PPR, it could mean his catches make up for his lack of scoring. If your FLEX spot is open in the seventh or eighth round, I’d grab him.

QB Trevor Lawrence

Hear me out, y’all, HEAR ME OUT. The Jaguars upgraded their offensive line, receivers, running backs (if you could Travis Etienne as a new player which I do, don’t @ me), and coaching staff. He’s got stability around him. He’s got a better roster.

If he can average somewhere in the department of 225 passing yards, 20 rushing yards, 1.5 total touchdowns, and 0.75 interceptions per game, it would give him an average of 18.5 points per game. That’s a top-12 quarterback last season. He’s got the second-easiest schedule of any quarterback in the league, according to And he’ll likely be overlooked in drafts, meaning you can pick up an extra skill player or two before nabbing him in the 11th or 12th round.