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NFL preseason Week 1: Jaguars vs. Browns live blog

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Jacksonville Jaguars will host the Cleveland Browns in the all-important Week 1 preseason game at TIAA Bank Field. Trevor Lawrence will see the field for a few offensive series, according to head coach Doug Pederson earlier this week.

Speaking of offensive, Deshaun Watson is also set to start under center for the Browns, meaning we should see starters on both sides of the ball for much of the first quarter.

Ready, set... let’s go!

Here’s everything you need to know to watch, listen to, or follow today’s Jaguars game.

It’s live blog time...

9:49 PM: Have a great night, y’all. This is all that matters from the game.

9:42 PM: Jake Luton just got intercepted in the red zone. I’m out.

8:45 PM: Is it just me or were there three receivers bunched up in the middle of the field on that third down attempt?

8:38 PM: Jake Luton starting the second half. Come quickly, Jesus.

8:36 PM: Let’s revisit this classic, shall we?

8:34 PM: Here’s another look at that Browns touchdown at the end of the first half. Jeff Cotton, Jr. not doing himself any favors on the bubble.

8:30 PM: HALFTIME OBSERVATIONS! Maybe I’m galaxy brain-ing this, but Doug Pederson is a major upgrade for a young quarterback like Trevor Lawrence. He noticed right away that the standard offense wasn’t cutting it and switched it up to more motion and mobility. Immediate results. I’ve said it before, but Doug Pederson’s career as a backup actually works in his favor with a clear starter like Trevor Lawrence. He’s had a front row seat to guys like Brett Favre. He knows what works to get the best out of them, and what discourages their development. And Doug Pederson’s experience as a backup, and knowing he wasn’t as good as the Hall of Famer he watched everyday, is a plus too. He knows little ways to kickstart production. He knows how to get around just not having it and minimize mistakes until he does.

8:07 PM: Trevor Lawrence’s night is done after going 6-for-12 for 95 yards with a touchdown and zero turnovers. Cleveland Area Man wishes.

8:01 PM: For those keeping track at home, if Deshaun Watson is suspended for the season or doesn’t play another down of football this year, the Browns will have paid an average of $6,522,142.85 per passing yard for 2022. A literal rocket scientist is outplaying him right now.

8:00 PM: Yeah, our backups on defense are not very good.

7:56 PM: If you’re reading this, you needed just seven passing yards to match Cleveland Area Man’s production tonight.


7:47 PM: The Jaguars finally have an adult as their head coach and he’s trying new things like play-action and designed rollouts to kickstart some production Trevor Lawrence and... it’s working?

7:43 PM: It’s nearing the end of the first quarter and Cleveland Area Man is 1-for-5 for 7 yards so far.

7:33 PM: Trevor Lawrence has been not-good past that first throw. Weird decisions, hesitations... hopefully he gets more than just the “couple” of series that Doug Pederson promised earlier in the week.

7:31 PM: Ryan Santoso is good from 38 yards out! Jaguars extend their lead to 6-0 over Browns.

7:24 PM: Elliott Fry is good from 23 yards out! Jaguars lead 3-0 over Browns.

7:23 PM: Travis Etienne drops a pass near the goal line. He looks pissed. Gotta settle for a field goal try.

7:22 PM: Travis Etienne is FAST fast.

7:17 PM: The first pass for Trevor Lawrence this season is beautiful. Hello, Zay Jones.

7:14 PM: Cleveland Area Man goes 0-for-2 on the opening drive. Travon Walker in on the third down stop... along with, like, the entire defense.

7:11 PM: TIAA Bank Field fans booing Cleveland Area Man as he comes out to attempt his first pass in a Browns uniform.

7:07 PM: Jaguars will kick off and start on defense first. Travon Walker beginning the game on the field.

6:55 PM: Emphasis on the “ish”.

5:47 PM: BOOOOOOOOOOO! This is fine. Give him one or two preseason games in the middle of the slate and we’ll be okay.

4:09 PM: Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened. Our very own Demetrius Harvey will be working with the Florida Times-Union starting Monday, which means today’s game will be his last with Big Cat Country. Give him a follow, folks. And enjoy the coverage from Jacksonville’s newest Big J journalist.