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NFL preseason Week 2: Jaguars vs. Steelers live blog

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars Reinhold Matay-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars will host the Pittsburgh Steelers in the (actually kinda) important Week 2 preseason game at TIAA Bank Field. Why is it important? Because this is traditionally the preseason game where starters on both sides of the ball get the most playing time, what with next week being the preseason finale.

While it’s only still just the preseason, the Jaguars starters looked very good last week against the Browns. The Jaguars defense completely shut down anything Deshaun Watson and the Browns wanted to do on offense, meanwhile the Jaguars offense showed off some big play potential, including some nice plays in running back Travis Etienne’s debut after missing last season with a foot injury.

Ready... set... let’s go!

Here’s everything you need to know to watch, listen to, or follow today’s Jaguars game.

It’s live blog time...

10:07 PM: Goodnight, y’all. The defensive line is going to be fun this year. The offense is getting there, but Trevor Lawrence had a bad night when it came to targeting Christian Kirk—the guy who has a very good chance of leading the team in targets this season.

10:04 PM: Welp.

10:02 PM: 57-yard field goal attempt by Ryan Santoso incoming.

10:01 PM: Oh my God they might do it.

9:58 PM: Down by a point. 1:52 left in the fourth quarter. E.J. Perry walks back onto the field. These are the moments where legends are made.

9:47 PM: Sigh. E.J. Perry just threw a no good, very bad, horrible interception.

9:45 PM: E.J. Perry and Tim Jones combine for the biggest play of the game (and the preseason?) with a 51-yard catch-and-run to get into scoring position.

9:01 PM: Did the Jaguars just score a safety? On an intentional grounding by Mason Rudolph in the end zone? I love this team.

8:45 PM: Second half is underway. Jaguars start on offense.

8:40 PM: HALFTIME OBSERVATIONS! Those final two drives were really important and the offense and defense both couldn’t have done worse to end the half. Doug Pederson emphasized right before halftime that he was keeping them in because this was as “game situation” as the preseason gets. Overall, there’s a lot to be encouraged by this preseason—especially out of the defense. But in as “crunch time” a moment as the preseason can manufacture, it wasn’t good. Eat Arby’s. Go Jaguars.

8:24 PM: Kenny Pickett gonna start Week 1?

8:17 PM: Oh, that was a NICE nice screen run from Snoop Conner.

7:58 PM: This is the best throw Trevor Lawrence has had all preseason. It looks like his rhythm and timing with Marvin Jones is a lot better than what it is with Christian Kirk.

7:41 PM: I choose not to see it.

7:39 PM: Trevor has gotta make that throw. Six-man rush be damned.

7:20 PM: Why are they congratulating the Jaguars kicker? He missed it.

7:15 PM: No interception. Terrific play though.

7:13 PM: Chad Muma just made an insane downfield play. It looked like an interception in real-time, but the replay will likely overturn it.

7:09 PM: Josh Allen just dominated the Steelers offensive line. Travon Walker playing out of tight end. Foley Fatukasi and Roy Robertson-Harris eating along the interior. This opening series for the defense is very encouraging if you’re focused on the defensive line.

7:07 PM: Steelers start with the ball. Opening kickoff is a touchback. Let’s go!

7:05 PM: They know.

3:35 PM: How’s the weather look for tonight’s game?

2:13 PM: A very good recap of Jaguars training camp. If you need a quick summary of everything that’s happened—the good, the bad, and the Jaguars—click below.

11:36 AM: Looks like second-year offensive lineman Ben Bartch has the inside track on the starting left guard spot with the Jaguars opting to keep Tyler Shatley as their swing backup. Depends on tonight’s performance, of course.

8:51 AM: That’s my bell-cow back, folks.