Validation, Thy name is Jacksonville

Note: I wrote this Friday afternoon, romantically daydreaming about another season of Jaguars football. I have a sickness of the brain.

The Late 90’s, 2007, and 2017. That sums up the list of some of this franchise’s biggest accomplishments in the grand scheme of Football in America. You may have a memory here and there, creating a desert mirage, leading you to believe that the team was more than it was in a given season. I certainly do, as a 26-year-old that grew up in the stands on Sundays.

But the thing with every season, good or bad, is that it ends. Whether you came out World Champions or with the #1 draft pick, you are forced to toss history aside; past records, old film, and scouting reports a ‘plenty are cast aside for what the newest trend in the league is. "What have you done for me lately?"

This weekend is different, though, for Jaguars fans. For the first time, a Jacksonville Jaguar is going to be etched into the very fibers of the story of football. Nothing this franchise has ever done before has come even close to the magnitude of the accomplishment that Little Tone will receive this weekend. The Jacksonville Jaguars have a Hall of Famer.

Validation is the single most concise way I can summarize this weekend. Yes, as a general participant of the National Football League, the Jags have had their influence. Knocking teams from their post-season dreams and sending fanbases from their stadiums, heads hung low with their final memory as a loss in a place they loved so much (lol Raiders). While all great times, what weight do they really carry in the grand scheme of football?

Tony Boselli is about to become immortal. His legacy will be taught to the masses as they wonder their way through the halls of Canton. The Jacksonville Jaguars will never be lost to the grips of time. The team we hold so dear, has finally been validated by the (outdated) power-brokers of football history. A bust will stand in bronze forever, a memorial not only to Tony and his talents, but to the team he played for and the fans that made the team possible.

Big Bo is the Jacksonville Jaguars. Big Bo is in the Hall of Fame. Big Bo is forever. The Jaguars are forever. This is validation. We are the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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