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What is your go-to ‘homegating’ necessity for Jaguars games?

Homegating can be just as fun as the real thing with the right tools.

Miami Dolphins v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

While many Jacksonville Jaguars fans love tailgating prior to the game, but we can’t forget the fans who make the great call and kick it off with homegating. We talk about tailgating a lot, but we often leave out the homegating aspect of being a fan — and at Big Cat Country, we know there are Jaguars fans all over the country. Watching the games from your couch is always a great call.

Sure, the idea of renting out one of TIAA Bank Field’s famous spa cabanas, partying like a high roller in Vegas drinking frozen cocktails sounds cool — but do you really want to drop $15,000 for a suite when you can all the same friends over to your place for free. Plus, then you control the food, drinks, music and anyone else trying to crash your good time.

So what makes for a great homegating experience?


What kind of food are you rolling out for game day? I know there’s going to definitely be at minimum some hot wings to snack on throughout the game. One favorite of mine that is always a great call for Jaguars games is the Buffalo chicken dip from a certain local grocer, it’s always amazing.


Now ... I’ve been on a diet lately so my drinks for game day, be it tailgating or homegating have changed quite a bit. Gone are my favorite gose’s and IPAs and in comes the Coke Zero sometimes with a mixer. Maybe if I’m feeling fancy I’ll get a nice little glass of Bourbon to sip on. What’s your go to homegating drink?

Games & Activities

Do you have any games you do when you’re homegating? Do you have some cornhole setup outside? Maybe some quick games of pool between timeouts? I’m a little too old for it now, but how about some beer pong or flip cup? Either one of those are always a great call.

Let us know in the comments what your setup is for Jaguars homegating where you’re at.

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