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Nickelodeon lied to Jaguars fans, very sad

The Internet never forgets.

Ren and Stimpy did not whiz on the electric fence for this.

Nickelodeon has a weekly NFL award called the NFL SlimeTime NVP. The N stands for Nickelodeon. (I think.) The winner is chosen by Twitter poll. Pretty harmless stuff, and it seems fairly straightforward, right?

Think again.

Here are the poll results and Trevor Lawrence was more dominant than Artie, The Strongest Man In The World... or The Beets would be at the Grammy Awards. He won by a not-so-slim margin. Clear as day.

So then riddle me this, Nickelodeon—why did Lamar Jackson win the award?

Did Lamar Jackson have a great Week 3? Absolutely. Five touchdowns. Over 300 total yards. Yeah, it was really, really good.

But this is a betrayal of the democratic process and Jaguars fans demand answers. It’s the greatest moral failure by Nickelodeon since they cancelled Invader Zim. (Good tweet, Jon.)

The only solution? Bring back Rocket Power and we’ll call it even.

Go Jaguars.