Questions to Ponder

It is rare to still be so focused on football, but I figured why not throw out a few questions that I have about this team moving forward. Some of these are very relevant to the immediate future, and some are just random things that are not super relevant right now.

I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on each of these:

1) Is Walker Little going to remain a "swing tackle" for this team? I feel like it is really nice to have such a player, but with the cap situation what it is, and with Taylor a free agent at the end of the season, is Walker going to get a starting job on this line next year? If so, is he the LT (where I think he is best suited) or does he need a different spot because Cam does not lose the starting job because of injury?

2) What is the #1 need for this team in the coming offseason? Is the uncertainty around Ridley and whether he comes back at the pre-suspension level enough to have "vertical threat" as high as it was pre-trade for Ridley? Is a starting CB opposite Campbell the top need or is Williams playing outside enough to drop that need a little?

3) What coach on this team is the most likely to draw HC interviews in year or two? I would think a guy working so closely with Pederson on the offensive side of the ball would be an attractive option, but without playcalling responsibilities, is Press that guy? Could Mike McCoy and the work he has done this year with Trevor earn him another look as a HC? Maybe it is Caldwell if this defense continues to play the way they have the past few weeks?

4) I am sneaking this one at the end, but I think it is a legitimate question. Can Trent Baalke go from #FireBaalke to Exec of the Year candidate in 1 year?

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