It’s Great to be a Jacksonville Jaguar

My college professor is having us try new experiences – so I thought I would write a fan post for the first time ever. Let me know how I did.

Whoo – it has been a heck of a season, hasn’t it Jag fans? These Jaguars believe and the city is right behind them. Let’s enjoy the ride.

I was watching the games last Saturday in an Army barracks common area with a bunch of other guys and gals. One of these gentlemen was a 49er fan. They won the game fairly comfortably, but you wouldn’t believe it if you could hear this 49er’s griping. He can’t stand Garoppolo. The team is inconsistent. The team doesn’t believe in investing in running backs [McCaffery is an exception]. They can’t draft in the early rounds. They always lose in the Super Bowl.

I tried to bring up the fact that Garoppolo has regularly gotten them into the post-season, that at least his team has made it to Super Bowls and has won some, and that they had Joe Montana and Steve Young BACK-TO-BACK. But I couldn’t get through to him. This guy’s demeanor would have you think his franchise had put him through misery on par with what we’ve been dealing with in Jacksonville. When I said how Jacksonville would LOVE to have the "crappy" seasons 49ers have had, his response was, "I was born to this, you chose it" – like it was some sort of burden to be a fan.

And that’s when it dawned on me. You’re darn right I chose the Jaguars! The BOAT is a hero in Duval and Myles Jack will NEVER be down! It has never mattered how much we lose or what shenanigans the franchise leadership gets up to – it was never a burden to be a fan. We know how to have fun, win or lose (Blake Bortles Facts). Granted, we have done a LOT of losing, but it was always the Jaguars.

But that’s enough talk about losing. Let’s talk about the 2022 iteration of the Jacksonville Jaguars. It’s kind of great to be a fan of this Jacksonville Jaguar team. This is a team of scrappy nobodies that keep defying the odds again and again and the team and the entire city are having FUN. The stories coming out about this team are just so wholesome. Apparently, Trevor Lawrence and wife Marissa hid in the dark for an hour to help teammate Christian Kirk set up his marriage proposal. After the biggest comeback in franchise history, the QB and teammates went to Waffle House to celebrate. All of this speaks to the identity of this team and the city. We are small and we are relatively unknown. But we’re growing fast and are about to be a big deal! And through it all, we are still humble.

It's been a great season Jaguar fans and the future looks brighter still. But no matter how many postseasons we enjoy and Super Bowls we win over the next twenty years, let’s not take it for granted. Let’s always remember to have fun.

By the way, don’t be too hard on that 49er fan. When everyone abandoned me and went to bed while the Jaguars were behind 27-0 last Saturday, that guy stuck around with me until the blissful end.

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