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Top 5 Jaguars quotes after comeback Wild Card win over Chargers

Here’s what Doug Pederson and Jaguars players had to say after thrilling comeback victory.

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Jaguars were down bad in the first half of the Wild Card matchup against the Los Angeles Chargers. But they were able to battle back and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat as time expired.

Doug Pederson, Trevor Lawrence, and Riley Patterson all spoke to the media following the win, and here are the top five quotes from postgame media availability.

Doug Pederson on the Jaguars’ resilience:

“I mean, it’s everything. That’s just what I told them at halftime, it’s kind of like our season. We’ve put ourselves in a hole at times, and we’ve worked ourselves out of it at times. Just to have the resiliency and the fight and the desire and the ability to continue to play, because it could have easily gone the other way, and that’s what I’m so proud of these guys for. Everything is on the line, and they go out and get the job done.”

Doug Pederson on the second-half strategy:

“Strategy was just one play at a time. We knew the defense was starting the second half, so we felt like defensively we had to get off the field at some point. We tried to create takeaways, turnovers, things of that nature, and if we could, offense just had to regroup and score. We talked about possibly having to score every time we touched the ball, every possession in the second half. So that was the strategy. We just had – it had to be a one-play-at-a-time mentality.”

Trevor Lawrence on bouncing back after an abysmal first half

“Kind of just sums up our season, the game tonight. For myself, obviously yeah, definitely the worst half of my football life, of a lot of people’s football life, too. Some type of history probably in that stat. Really, I felt like only one of those plays was a bad decision. I felt like I was seeing things all right. [The Chargers] made a couple great plays. There was one where Zay [Jones] got tangled up for whatever – we’ll leave it at that. The guy made a good play, though, on the fourth down early in the game. And then the one when we were backed up was a bad decision. I felt like I was seeing it all right and I just needed to settle in. We didn’t get any momentum going, couldn’t get a drive going. Really just felt like we needed to settle in, and then our defense kept getting stops for us, and I knew once we could get the ball and get rolling for that first score like we did at the end of the half — once we kind of got that and got the momentum back, felt good about – we’ve been in that situation before, not that many points but similar situations. That’s the thing, just the belief in this team. It’s kind of – it’s really cool to see what can happen when everybody believes.”

Trevor Lawrence on how they can top what they did against the Chargers

“Hopefully we don’t have to. Hopefully we play a little bit better next week. The defense, hopefully they play just like they did tonight. They did a great job. But offensively you can’t turn the ball over that many times and expect to win. We found a way tonight, but it’s probably not a good formula moving forward. So, I know for me personally, it shouldn’t take that type of second half to go win the game if you just play better in the first half and take care of the ball. I didn’t play my best tonight, so I’m going to watch the tape. There’s going to be so much to learn from, but honestly, you couldn’t write a better script than to win a game like that tonight. Makes it more special, but don’t want to do that again. We’ve got to take care of the ball. That’s where it starts. I think besides that, it was a pretty – all phases played pretty well besides just the turnovers on offense. I think we can be – I know we can be better on third down. We weren’t great tonight. That’s another area to improve on, but took advantage of our red zone opportunities, scored on most of those or all of those. Yeah, just hang on to the ball.”

Riley Patterson on when he knew the Jags might win the game on a field goal

“Yeah, when we got about 10 points down, I was like, okay, well, we have an opportunity to maybe tie this up with a field goal going into overtime. We ended up getting that two-point conversion in, and I’m like, wow, we could win this on a field goal. But at the same time, we’re professionals and try not to think too far ahead, just kind of stay in the zone and keep my heartbeat down and stay locked in as much as I can.”