College Football Week 8 Betting Picks

Good morning BCC! Week 8 of the college football season is here and I have the picks for you today. Here are 3 picks that I believe will do great as a parlay together or if you want to play them straight. Let’s take a look:

Navy +9.5

On a typical Saturday, Navy wouldn’t have a chance to beat Air Force and this offense that is firing on all cylinders. Today the story is a little different. Air Force starting QB Zac Larrier is out with a knee injury and this could level the playing field. With Larrier at QB this offense looks at times unstoppable, I believe without him the offense slows down. Maybe not enough for Navy to win outright p, but to where this game could be really close.

Washington State +18.5

Just 3 weeks ago, Washington State was in the playoff mix. Today, postseason chances are gone with an embarrassing loss to Arizona after falling to UCLA. They play an Oregon team today that lost last week to Washington due to some terrible coaching calls. A year ago this game was a shootout that Bo Nix had to pull the offense out of to win. I expect the same today, don’t expect this game to be a blowout by any means.

Arizona State +27.5

Arizona State is fighting to even have a bowl game right now and those chances are slim. Today they play a Washington team that could be a few wins away from being in the playoffs. This Arizona State team is tough, they aren’t going to just fall down and let you beat them. Outside of their 29-0 loss to Fresno State, they haven’t lost by more than 14 points all season. I could see a scenario where Washington comes out cold and possibly losing, but for now I will take the 27.5.

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