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Reacts Survey results: Jaguars fans predict Calvin Ridley to lead team in yards against Buffalo

The results are in, and the majority of Jaguars fans expect Calvin Ridley to have a day.

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

This week, we asked Jacksonville Jaguars fans which player they expect to lead the team in offensive yards against Buffalo on Sunday.

It was a very close race, but 29% of voters picked Calvin Ridley while Travis Etienne, Evan Engram and Christian Kirk got 24%, 24%, and 23% of votes, respectively.

Sunday will be the second edition of the Josh Allen Bowl. 46% of Jaguars fans expect The Good Josh Allen to record a sack against Buffalo’s Josh Allen.

76% of Jaguars fans are confident the team is headed in the right direction, up from a dismal 41% last week.

Jaguars special team coordinator Heath Farwell was asked on Thursday if he feels the team is ready for a tough matchup. He had playoffs on his mind:

“I think that’s the best part about games like this. All these games prepare you down the stretch come January. Just to feel that adrenaline, a little bit of nervousness and gut feelings to you pregame, all the rituals and the fans and the crowd, that’s what makes it special and that’s what makes it cool. All of that stuff helps us. Doing those Kansas City games the last couple of years, I think that’s also prepared us. This is another one, it’s another great game and great matchup. Come playoff time, we’re going to need these games just for experience. I think our guys are ready, they’re excited about it, we’ve had a good week of practice so far. That’s the challenge of it, let’s see what we can do in a good matchup against a very good team.”

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