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Jaxson DeVille listed as questionable for Jaguars-Bills game

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ mascot may have gone a little too hard in preseason.

The Florida Times-Union

Jacksonville Jaguars mascot Jaxson DeVille is currently listed as questionable against the Buffalo Bills this Sunday.

Sources close to the Jaguars and DeVille say the injury may be due to excessive celebrations that occurred during the team’s win against the Atlanta Falcons in London.

“Everyone in the organization knows Jaxson lays it on the line,” said a team official with knowledge of DeVille’s injury. “In this instance, we believe it may have had something to do with an impromptu post-touchdown dance.”

“Honestly, it’s a core injury due to, well, lots of thrusting,” said another source.

DeVille, who has been known for rocking an American flag speedo during games (see above), has yet to comment publicly on whether he’ll be ready to go against the Bills.

However, his agent did release this statement: “Jaxson is a gamer. People talk about the impact of injuries to lineman or wide receivers. You know what people aren’t talking about? How a fully-suited mascot, despite – we’ll call it a hip injury — is still going to drop from the sky before the national anthem, help block field goals by waving his paws wildly, and of course, dance like he’s five shots deep at a best friend’s wedding.”

What’s your favorite Jaxson DeVille memory?

(Yes, this article is satirical)