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Jaguars vs Bills: Week 5 live blog and open thread

The Jaguars and Bills kickoff at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium at 9:30 AM EST 

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills Photo by Peter Nicholls/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in London to play the Buffalo Bills for Week 5 of the 2023 season. Kickoff is at 9:30 AM EST. To find out how to watch/listen to the game, click here.

The weather:

Inactive players:

12:55: JAGUARS WIN 25-20!!!

12:53: Jaguars to punt.

12:47: Jaguars take possession after the onside kick. Two-minute warning.

12:43: Touchdown Bills. Jaguars lead 25-20.


12:37: Ridley with a gain of 32!

12:29: Touchdown Buffalo. Two-point conversion fails! 18-13 Jaguars.

12:18: TOUCHDOWN ETN!! 18-7 Jaguars.

12:16: Again, another first down for ETN!

12:16: ETN with another first down!


12:12: ETN with the first down!

12:08: Ridley with the first down!


11:59: The Jaguars lose the ball once again in the red zone.

11:55: END OF THE THIRD! Jags lead 11-7.

11:54: Ridley moves the chains once again!

11:53: ETN with a first down!

11:50: Kirk with the first down!

11:45: Ridley with another first down!

11:43: Ridley with the first down!

11:38: Bills out to punt.



11:31: Jaguars punt after some tomfoolery.

11:29: ETN runs the ball into Bills territory!

11:28: Lawrence with the first down!

11:21: Defense gets the Bills offense off the field. Bills Punt.

11:04: End of the first half. How are you feeling?

11:03: The ball comes out when Lawrence is hit. Bills recover.

11:00: Calvin Ridley with a gain of 16 and a first down!

10:59: ETN with another first down!

10:58: ETN first down!

10:55: Touchdown Bills. Jaguars lead 11-7.

10:51: Two-minute warning.

10:46: Buffalo gets their third first down.

10:43: Jaguars punt.

10:36: Bills punt for the fourth time today!

10:30: Cooke out to punt. Flag on play pushes the Bills back.

10:27: First down due to a Bills penalty.

10:22: Ruling on the field stands. Engram with the first down.

10:18: Bills punt for the third time.

10:14: The Bills get their first first down. End of the first quarter.

10:10: McManus makes a 44-yard field goal. 11-0 Jaguars.

10:07: Ridley with a 14-yard gain!

10:06: Kirk with a 20-yard gain!

10:03: Defense remains solid. Bills with another three and out.


9:55: Touchdown Zay Jones!! Two-point conversion is GOOD! 8-0 Jags!

9:49: The Jaguars get a first down at the five due to a penalty by the Bills. Walker Little is down.

9:47: ETN with the first down!

9:46: Kirk with a gain of 30!

9:45: Ridley with a gain of 11!

9:40: Defense makes a stop! Bills go three and out.

9:36: The Bills’ defense makes the stop. Logan Cooke comes out to punt.

9:34: Luke Farrell with the first down!

9:33: The offense starts on the Jaguars’ 15-yard line.

9:32: Bills win the toss and choose to defer.

8:42: Good morning!