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Jaguars podcast: Week 5 review and hot takes

Gus and John return to the JaguarReport Podcast to discuss Jacksonville’s Week 5 win over Buffalo.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Buffalo Bills Photo by Henry Browne/Getty Images

Check out Episode 59 of the JaguarReport Podcast, hosted by Gus Logue and John Shipley.

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John and I discussed the Jacksonville Jaguars’ big win in London over the Buffalo Bills.

My not-so-hot take is that this was the best game of Trevor Lawrence’s career. The numbers and the film back it up.

Here’s what Doug Pederson said about Lawrence’s day on Monday.

“The first one, the touchdown to Zay [Jones], Zay was on the backside of that route combination. He’s the third or fourth guy in the progression. Trevor did an outstanding job there, just standing strong in the pocket and putting the ball where only Zay was going to get it or nobody was going to get it. For Zay to come down with two feet in the backhalf of the endzone there, it was a spectacular catch.

“Some of the third down throws to Calvin [Ridley] and to Christian [Kirk], from a quarterback’s perspective, hanging in there against a really good pass rush, even getting hit after he delivered the football and delivering it accurately to keep us on the field, he made some outstanding throws with guys in his face.

“Trevor played really well yesterday, he played tough, he played physical, he played smart to check a route and a big third down there towards the end of the game with the completion to Calvin. He did everything that we expect Trevor to do and we need to carry that over.”

Thanks for listening!