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NFL power rankings: Jaguars tumble entering Week 11

The Jacksonville Jaguars are about the no. 8-10 best team in the eyes of national media.

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San Francisco 49ers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

To get a feel for how the Jacksonville Jaguars are viewed around the league, here’s a look at national media power rankings going into Week 11 of the 2023 season.

Pro Football Talk: 7 (last week: 3)

From Mike Florio:

They’ll either buckle down after that blowout loss, or they’ll fall apart. 8 (last week: 4)

From Eric Edholm:

After rising to unseen Power Rankings heights last week, the Jags fell hard and fast. Losing to the 49ers brings no shame by itself, but Jacksonville was truly clocked — and it could have been worse. Home losses this big prompt us to question everything about a contender’s credentials. That said, recent playoff teams have been on this side of the fence: Minnesota was stomped at home by Dallas last year, yet hosted a playoff game, and the 2020 Bucs were smashed at home by the Saints, but that season ended fairly well for them. So there’s encouraging historical precedent. Still, on a day when the defense just wasn’t getting it done, it would have been good for the offense to rise to the occasion. Jacksonville will need more going forward from Trevor Lawrence, Calvin Ridley and about a dozen other offensive players.

Bleacher Report: 9 (last week: 4)

Yahoo Sports: 9 (last week: 6)

From Frank Schwab:

The Jaguars are still a good team. Just not great. Definitely not good enough at home. What they do need is more out of Trevor Lawrence. He has nine touchdowns and six interceptions, with a middling 89.3 passer rating. The Jaguars are still good enough to win the AFC South but if they’re going to be more than a mediocre division winner then they need more out of the passing offense.

ESPN: 9 (last week: 6)

From Michael DiRocco:

The Jaguars are approaching back-to-back division games with the Titans and the Texans. Week 12 could very well be a contest for the AFC South lead. The Jaguars have already lost to the Texans at home, and getting swept would put them two games behind. It would be hard to make up that ground considering the Jaguars still have to play Cincinnati, Cleveland and Baltimore.

Fox Sports: 9 (last week: 4)

From David Helman:

Jacksonville took about as humbling a loss as you can imagine in a big spot like that. The 49ers ran roughshod over the Jags. And while the defensive performance might not have been great, Jacksonville’s ineptitude on offense was as disappointing as anything that happened in the league this week.

CBS Sports: 10 (last week: 3)

From Pete Prisco:

They have major concerns now for their offense. Trevor Lawrence hasn’t been the same guy. Can he snap out of it?

Pro Football Network: 10 (last week: 4)

From Dalton Miller:

Of course, the minute we (OK, I) start believing in the Jaguars, they get molly-whopped by the 49ers at home. Like the Cowboys earlier this season, the 49ers embarrassed the Jaguars on Sunday.

One game does not make or break a season. However, what looked like an easy stroll to the AFC South title looks a bit uncomfortable now with how Houston has played since their surprising loss to the Panthers.

The Athletic: 11 (last week: 8)

From Josh Kendall:

Doug Pederson has made a nice career of replacing the big splash college coach hire by just being a pro. In Philadelphia, he replaced Chip Kelly and won a Super Bowl in his second year. In Jacksonville, he replaced Urban Meyer and has the Jaguars in first place in the AFC South in his second season. Sunday was a down day, though. The Jaguars offensive EPA (minus-21.07) was the fourth worst in Pederson’s 118 games as a head coach.

The Ringer: 11 (last week: 10)

From Sheil Kapadia:

It’s hard to know what the proper level of panic is for the Jags. On one hand, they got blown out by the 49ers. It happens. It’s a long season. The Jaguars are still 6-3 and in the driver’s seat of the AFC South. On the other hand, their offense is objectively worse than it was a season ago, and I’m not sure they have answers to fix it. The Jaguars scored three points on 10 possessions against San Francisco and are average or below-average on the season in pretty much every offensive statistical category. It’s just a group that makes too many mistakes. The Jaguars have 11 turnovers in opponent’s territory—the most of any team. Even though I don’t trust the Jaguars, I still think they have a high ceiling.

USA Today: 11 (last week: 5)

From Nate Davis:

A resounding end to their five-game winning streak is also probably a reminder how reliant they are on turnovers. Jacksonville didn’t generate even one takeaway for the first time since Week 3, the Jags’ previous loss.

Gus’ power rankings:

1. Ravens (last week: 1)

2. Chiefs (2)

3. Eagles (3)

4. Niners (8) -- I think we all forgot how good this team looks at full health (plus Chase Young).

5. Bengals (5)

6. Cowboys (9) -- The Giants are getting the first overall pick -- you heard it hear first -- so Dallas’ 49-point outing doesn’t do much for me. 9 was still too low for the ‘Boys, though.

7. Dolphins (6)

8. Jaguars (4) -- I don’t want to overreact too much, but how can anyone trust this offense?

9. Lions (unranked) -- I’m remaining stubborn about Detroit, though I can’t not have a 7-2 team in my top 10. The Lions join the Chiefs and the Cowboys as the only teams with a top-12 offense, defense, and special teams unit by DVOA this season. I just can’t shake the idea of Jared Goff playing outdoors in January, and these rankings are ‘how much I’d trust each team in a neutral playoff site.’

10. Bills (10) -- I’m very comfortable with this ranking for Buffalo. I’ll never fully dismiss them so long as they roster a top-three quarterback, but 10 should probably be the highest ranking for this 5-5 Bills team that just botched a Monday Night Football win at home. Remember, Jags fans, it could always be worse.

Where would you rank the team heading into Week 11, Jaguars fans? Let us know in the comments!