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Jaguars podcast: Week 11 preview and hot takes

Gus and John return to the JaguarReport Podcast to discuss Jacksonville’s Week 11 matchup against Tennessee.

Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville Jaguars Perry Knotts/Getty Images

Check out Episode 70 of the JaguarReport Podcast, hosted by Gus Logue and John Shipley.

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John and I discussed the Jacksonville Jaguars’ Week 11 matchup against the Tennessee Titans.

Trevor Lawrence spoke about the importance of this game on Wednesday.

“We’re technically in first, but the Texans and the Colts are right there. The Titans, they’re 3-6, so we’re still early in the season. We were in their position, if you think about, last year so we understand their sense of urgency on the flipside of that. They know how big this game is too, so we’re going to get their best shot. They’re a good team, you look at how they played against Cincinnati earlier in the year and they beat LA, they’ve beat some good teams this season and they’re playing well.

“We’ve got to keep all of our attention on this one. It can definitely give us a spark and you want to use every opportunity you can to get a spark, especially at this point in the season. Again, it’s the most important game because it’s the next one and it’s because it’s a division game. It’s a huge one, but we understand the importance of it and down the stretch as well as some of the other teams, especially in our division and throughout the league are playing. Every game counts and every game matters from this point on, especially because you only have eight more, you don’t get any more. You can’t waste opportunities.”

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