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Jaguars’ Friday presser: ‘We are focused on this game’

Doug Pederson speaks to the media prior to game with Titans.

San Francisco 49ers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Megan Briggs/Getty Images

There is no looking past the Tennessee Titans.

With the Titans coming to Jacksonville on Sunday, head coach Doug Pederson said during his Friday press conference that he will have his team treating this game like any other.

Regardless of last week’s loss, or a potential revenge game with the Houston Texans on the horizon, the team first has to get through its biggest rival.

“We are focused on this game, in the moment,” Pederson said.

Last season, the Jaguars got run out of Detroit in a lopsided loss to the Lions. We all know what happened after that.

Pederson alluded to that game, referencing it as a sort of wake up call for his team. The 49ers’ loss may be this year’s equivalent.

“(It’s about) how you respond,” Pederson said. “Our history has been good after games of that nature.”

The coach said this week’s routine was the same as it always is. Pederson said he will not be overhauling the way the Jaguars go about their game week due solely to one loss.

“Nothing out of the ordinary,” Pederson said of his team’s preparation. “Maybe a little more attentive, a little more focused. You are only as good as your last game and it wasn’t very good. They understand that when you play bad, you get a lot of time to think about it.”

The big name missing from Sunday’s game will most likely be starting cornerback Tyson Campbell, who Pederson called “a long shot” to play.

To pick up the slack on defense will be a combination of Gregory Junior and Montaric “Buster” Brown, two guys who have stepped up at various points during the season.

“It is good for (Junior), it is good for Montaric,” Pederson said. “Both of those guys have played. A lot of confidence in those two guys. As your backup guys play more, it gives you more depth and more confidence.”

Pederson did speak on the recent influx of injuries to quarterbacks around the league, with Deshaun Watson and Joe Burrow being the big recent injury names. Even Lamar Jackson was hobbled at parts of Thursday’s game.

Though the Jags play the Browns, Bengals and Ravens in the coming weeks, Pederson has his team’s focus solely on Tennessee.

This week will be no different than the last. Next week will be the same.

One loss does not derail a season, and Pederson is keeping that attitude front and center on the minds of those on his team.

“It’s one loss,” Pederson said. “We are five out of six in our last six games. You don’t change to change (or) shake something up to shake something up.”