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How far can the Jaguars extend their current win streak?

The Jacksonville Jaguars went undefeated through October, and have now won their last five games. How long can the streak go on for?

Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

With the Jacksonville Jaguars on a bye in Week 9, I find myself with idle hands. But the teams’ impressive form throughout the month of October has my mind anything but dormant. Dreams of playoff football and - dare I say it - bringing a Lombardi back to Duval County totally consume me. This is what football does to you, a beautiful sport that sucks in 32 fanbases every year before chewing up and spitting out all but one of them. Can the Jags be that solitary franchise tasting glory come February?

With my brain racing, I began to wonder how long the current win streak could go on for. Now, this is the fickle, unpredictable NFL - meaning the simple answer is anywhere between five wins (where we are now) and seventeen (Super Bowl immortality). So rather than pontificating on the impossible, I broke down how each upcoming contest could be a win or a loss. Here goes nothing!

Week 10: San Francisco 49ers (11/12)

Why the Jaguars win: The 49ers are on a three-game skid, being held to just 17 points by the Browns, Vikings and Bengals. The Jaguars defense is on fire, and compounds the misery in San Fran.

Why the Jaguars lose: The 49ers are probably still the cream of the NFC. They’re dangerous, and have a scary defense of their own that just added Chase Young. They could definitely keep this one close.

Week 11: Tennessee Titans (11/19)

Why the Jaguars win: Tennessee is garbage, and the Will Levis honeymoon will be well and truly over.

Why the Jaguars lose: The whole team comes down with a bout of food poisoning, and Derrick Henry throws a sneaky jump pass to steal one on the road 6-0.

Week 12: Houston Texans (11/26)

Why the Jaguars win: The Jaguars are ostensibly a better football team than the Texans, and in a much better place than when these two met in Week 3.

Why the Jaguars lose: Houston is no longer the car crash franchise it has been the last three years. They will be in the middle of a three-game home stretch, all games they might consider winnable.

Week 13: Cincinnati Bengals (12/04)

Why the Jaguars win: I’ve never felt more confident in a Jaguars defense being able to outmatch Joe Burrow. This unit welcomes the bright lights of Monday Night Football.

Why the Jaguars lose: The Bengals traditionally get hot in December, and haven’t been beaten in this month since an overtime loss to the 49ers back in 2021.

Week 14: Cleveland Browns (12/10)

Why the Jaguars win: The factory of sadness prevails! The Browns have enough talent to stick around in the AFC North race, but fall apart with the playoffs in sight.

Why the Jaguars lose: Myles Garrett has his way with Anton Harrison, and Trevor Lawrence is harassed all night.

Week 15: Baltimore Ravens (12/17)

Why the Jaguars win: Lamar Jackson has fumbled the ball eight times in nine games this season. The Jaguars have a defense that loves a turnover and giving the offense a short field to work with.

Why the Jaguars lose: It’s the Ravens. On their own turf. On Sunday Night Football. This game will not be easy.

Week 16: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (12/24)

Why the Jaguars win: After a 2-0 start, the wheels have come off in Tampa. The only team they’ve beaten at home this year is the Chicago Bears. The Jags should be back home with a win before Santa begins his rounds.

Why the Jaguars lose: The team indulged in one too many glasses of eggnog at the Christmas party the night before, and Baker Mayfield pulls out one of those rare games where he looks like a real quarterback.

Week 17: Carolina Panthers (12/31)

Why the Jaguars win: The Panthers are amongst the worst teams in the NFL, and by this point the Jaguars might legitimately be the best.

Why the Jaguars lose: After racking up an incredible twelve wins in a row, playoff football and a bye week is secured. The Jags rest their starters, and CJ Beathard is too preoccupied with New Year celebrations.

Week 18: Tennessee Titans (01/07)

Why the Jaguars win: The Titans have decided that none of Ryan Tannehill, Malik Willis or Will Levis are the answer, and are now in full tank mode for the next quarterback not to get the job done in Tennessee.

Why the Jaguars lose: A combination of backups starting and Mike Vrabel pulling on a uniform himself to show his team how to tackle sees Jacksonville end the regular season with an irrelevant blemish on their resume.

So there you have it folks. The Jacksonville Jaguars are going undefeated all the way to Paradise, Nevada on February 11! Where do you think the Jaguars’ win streak ends?