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Reacts Survey results: Jaguars fans would cherrypick Will Anderson over Laremy Tunsil

The results are in, and 92% of Jaguars fans are confident in the direction of the team.

New Orleans Saints v Houston Texans Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

This week, we asked Jacksonville Jaguars fans which Houston Texans player they’d cherrypick to place on the Jags roster.

63% of voters chose rookie defensive end Will Anderson Jr., and star left tackle Laremy Tunsil earned 24% of votes.

Doug Pederson was asked on Wednesday how much Anderson has grown since Week 3.

“Quite a bit. I think he’s really settled into that role, he’s fast and he’s got good strength and leverage, power, pad level, all that stuff. He’s turning into a really good edge rusher.”

He also referred back to Anderson when asked about Houston’s Jonathan Greenard.

“Yeah, I think what’s happened is the addition of 51. Those two, [Joey] Bosa and Khalil Mack, right? When it was Chris Jones and when they had 55 a year ago off of Kansas City, [Frank] Clark. There’s those tandems of guys and so that’s why one benefits from the other. You put so much emphasis over here, he’ll get you on this side. He’s playing extremely well, too. He’s playing fast, he’s playing aggressive, and doing some really good things. I think it’s the addition of 51, but in tandem, they’re playing well.”

As for the confidence tracker -- 92% of Jaguars fans are confident in the direction of the team, a 16% jump from last week’s 76% mark.

Top comments from Tuesday’s post:

Travis D Holmes
I'm taking Anderson Jr. I also would take their second round center Juice Scruggs though
I'm taking their QB. Even if we just trade him to an NFC team. LoL. Dude is a beast. We aren't gonna like facing him twice a year for the foreseeable future.
As long as Travon Walker isn't an IDL, good edge rushers are going to be the move.
Laremy Tunsil, but they're all intriguing options. We just haven't had a dominant offensive lineman in so long. Our last pro bowler along the OL was Tony Boselli in 2000. 23 years ago!!

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