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Jaguars bye week: Winners and losers from week off

Even without a game, there is still plenty of reason to celebrate the Jaguars.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars have not lost a game since Sept. 24.

By having a bye week this week, the Jags continued their winning ways and held onto their 6-2 record. We all know what lies on the horizon, but it was kind of fun to not have much to worry about for a change.

To keep in the spirit of the weekly winners and losers, here are some from the team and around the league.


The Jaguars

Can’t lose if you don’t play, right?

The Jaguars could not have had a better week for their bye, after the gauntlet the jungle cats just put themselves through. A week removed from football was more than deserving after what it took to win these last five games in a row.

The only organized activities from the Jaguars this week came on Monday, and no major news came from it.

This coming Monday, there will be updates on the health of key players like Walker Little and Zay Jones, but some time away from football can only help the case that they will be among those healthy for Sunday’s game against the 49ers.

It also looks like the team used its time off to go sightseeing, as Trevor Lawrence and friends went to Savannah and Jamal Agnew and company saw the Orlando Magic.

The fun times are all but over though, as it is now time to get back to business.

Former Jaguar Dare Ogunbowale

Many great players choose to end their careers by spending a year or two with the teams that did not originally draft them, or on teams that did not originally make them famous.

Jerry Rice was a Seahawk, Ricky Williams played for the Ravens and Reggie White had a stint with the Panthers.

Former Jaguar Dare Ogunbowale is having his random career moment across the AFC South with the Houston Texans.

During the Texans’ big win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the team’s kicker Ka’imi Fairbairn got injured and Ogunbowale stepped in to be the team’s kicker.

Among booting some kickoffs, his highlight of the day came by nailing a field goal.

He may have only had two touchdowns for the Jags over two seasons, but it is cool to see players do something out of the norm.

I propose that Roy Robertson-Harris gets to throw one pass this season from the shotgun.

Jaguars social team

The Jaguars social team needs some serious credit this season.

In the past few years, the Jags have made a good niche by doing a bit of trolling on Twitter and not taking themselves too seriously. The “Steezy Trev” pictures make me smile whenever they recirculate. This year, things have really stepped up a notch.

We have all seen the memes made about the Pittsburgh Steelers, and those were amazing. Outside of trolling George Pickens, the videos the team puts out are phenomenal.

If you have not, give The Hunt series a watch on the team’s YouTube.

This past edition, using a sort of Blade Runner-esque soundtrack for the video, legitimately might be some of their finest work. Cam Robinson’s mic’d up was awesome. And every week, win or loss, the Sounds of the Game videos are excellent.

Big props are in order for the social media and video production teams for the Jags. Those groups do a great job of making each and every day a little fun for all of us.


Running away with the AFC South

No, all hope is not lost because C.J. Stroud threw for almost 500 yards.

But, it is certainly noteworthy.

The Jaguars still sit firmly atop the AFC South and the team’s 6-2 record is still one of the best in the league. It does not look like however that the three other teams in the conference are lying down anytime soon.

The Tennessee Titans clearly have something in Will Levis, Stroud has been effective in almost every game he is in and the Minshew Mania Colts are in every game.

The sky is not falling, but things did get a tad bit more interesting this past weekend.

The Jaguars have a chance to seal the division essentially in the following two weeks after facing the 49ers, with a win at home over Tennessee and a win at Houston.