BBSS: 2024 Draft Edge Rushers Watchlist; Post Trade-Deadline

Davis Shining in New Role with Defense - Wake Forest University Athletics

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One of the positions the Jaguars were shoppers for at the trade deadline was for help on the edge. Here is a list of players at the position who are producing statistically well so far this season.


Using the stats that "matter" for edge rushers developed earlier and Sack and TFL leaderboards a list of players who have CFB Metrics above the developed 28.5 thresholds for both Sacks and Tackles For Loss. Then their current Tackles Per Game were recorded.

On Radar

This category is for players who currently meet the CFB Sack Metric, TFL Metric, Tackles Per Game Metric, weigh at least 240 pounds, and are on's projected top 256 picks of their consensus big boards.

Name School Year
Brennan Jackson Wash St SR
Dallas Turner Alabama JR
Darius Robinson Missouri SR
Eyabi Okie-Anoma Charlotte SR
Jasheen Davis Wk Forest JR
Kaimon Rucker N Carolina SR
Mohamed Kamara CSU SR
Nelson Ceaser Houston JR

Potential Risers

This category is for the players who met the production metric threshold so far in 2023, were at least 240 pounds, and were on the consensus big boards past a projected pick of 256.

Name School Year
Nathaniel Watson Miss St SR
Tre'Mon Morris-Brash UCF SR


This category is for players who are meeting or exceeding the college production metric thresholds, were listed at 240 pounds or greater, and have not yet made the consensus big board.

Name School Year
Ben Bell Texas St JR
Chris Hardie J'ville St JR
Jalen Green James Mad SR
Jamree Kromah James Mad SR
Kydran Jenkins Purdue SR
Marshawn Kneeland W Mich JR

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