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Jaguars vs Browns: Week 14 live blog and open thread

Jaguars and Browns kickoff in Cleveland at 1:00 pm EST

Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars are in Cleveland to play the Cleveland Browns for Week 14 of the 2023 Season. Kickoff is at 1:00 PM EST. To find out how to watch/listen to the game, click here. You can also find game updates on our Twitter and Facebook.



4:47: Final score.

4:39: Touchdown Engram! Two-point conversion fails.

4:25: Browns make the field goal. 31-21

4:21: Browns take over on downs.

4:16: Browns punt. Here’s hoping the offense can get it going.

4:01: Touchdown Parker Washington! 28-21 Browns.


3:47: Browns go for it on fourth down and score a touchdown.

3:44: Jags for some reason throw on 3rd and 1, and the ball is intercepted.


3:36: Browns punt.

3:28: Ruling on the field is overturned! Touchdown ETN! 21-14 Browns.


3:15: Logan Cooke comes out to punt.

3:10: Touchdown Browns.

3:04: Washington loses the ball and the Browns recover.


2:46: We made it to halftime! Browns lead 14-7 with the Jaguars receiving the ball to start the second half. How are you feeling?

2:41: Jaguars go three and out.

2:32: Lawrence is intercepted by Emerson again..

2:30: Engram with a first down!

2:26: Two-minute warning.

2:25: Lawrence to Zay for a first down.

2:23: Browns punt.


2:15: Lawrence to Engram for a touchdown!

2:14: Dewey forces a fumble and Devin Lloyd recovers!


2:10: Cooke to punt after Lawrence is sacked out of field goal range.


1:59: Lawrence’s pass intended for Zay Jones is intercepted by Emerson.

1:55: Touchdown Browns 14-0

1:50: End of the first quarter.

1:49: Logan Cooke to punt.

1:45: Engram with a first down!

1:42: Browns with a three and out.

1:39: Jaguars with a three and out.

1:34: Browns three and out!

1:29: Logan Cooke to punt.

1:24: Etienne with a first down!

1:23: Lawrence to Ridley for a first down!

1:21: DEFENSE MAKES A STOP! Browns to punt.

1:13: Jaguars offense goes three and out.

1:07: Well. The Browns score on the opening drive. 7-0 Browns.

1:00: Jaguars win the toss and choose to defer.