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NFL power rankings: Jaguars fall entering Week 15

The Jacksonville Jaguars are no longer a top-8 team in the eyes of national media.

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Jacksonville Jaguars v Cleveland Browns Photo by Lauren Leigh Bacho/Getty Images

To get a feel for how the Jacksonville Jaguars are viewed around the league, here’s a look at 10 different national media power rankings going into Week 15 of the 2023 season.

The Ringer: 8 (last week: 9)

From Danny Heifetz:

Jacksonville’s defense has made Jake Browning look like Joe Montana and Joe Flacco look like Dan Marino in back-to-back weeks, which probably says more about the Jags defense than Browning or Flacco. This Jags defense sustained itself on turnovers to begin the year, but without those game-saving takeaways, this unit’s warts have shown. Outside of star pass rusher Josh Allen (the other one), Jacksonville is lacking the necessary playmakers to stop (or at least slow) opposing offenses. With the Ravens coming to town this week and Trevor Lawrence playing through a high ankle sprain, look for things to get worse before they get better in Jacksonville.

Bleacher Report: 8 (last week: 8)

CBS Sports: 9 (last week: 8)

From Pete Prisco:

Two straight losses has them forgetting any idea of having the top seed in the AFC. The defense has struggled mightily the past two weeks as they ready for the AFC’s top team in Baltimore this week. 9 (last week: 8)

From Eric Edholm:

The Jaguars’ defense is reeling, having allowed backup quarterbacks to dice them up two weeks in a row. First it was Jake Browning; then Joe Flacco had his way with Mike Caldwell’s defense. Outside of the strip sack, Jacksonville’s pass rush was disappointing on Sunday, pressuring Flacco 12 times and hitting him thrice on 45 dropbacks. Sadly, the coverage and tackling were possibly worse. The offense certainly shares the blame with four turnovers, even though Trevor Lawrence gamely gutted through Week 14 with an ankle injury that many of us assumed would keep him out — possibly for multiple weeks. But the QB’s lack of chemistry with Calvin Ridley (four catches on 13 targets) and Zay Jones (five on 14 targets) hurt the team, as did Doug Pederson’s hyper-aggressive game-management approach late. As is the case with many other AFC teams, the Jaguars’ postseason picture has changed dramatically in a matter of just two weeks, even with the Colts and Texans also losing Sunday.

ESPN: 10 (last week: 8)

Pro Football Talk: 10 (last week: 8)

From Mike Florio:

Trevor Lawrence’s amazing recovery from a high-ankle sprain counts as a win of sorts.

Yahoo Sports: 11 (last week: 9)

From Frank Schwab:

Kudos to Trevor Lawrence for playing Sunday through a high ankle sprain. He moved better than you’d figure from a player with that injury. He still missed plenty of passes he usually makes and didn’t look quite right. And he might not for a while. The best news for the Jaguars is the Texans and Colts also lost, or else the AFC South might be up for grabs.

USA Today: 12 (last week: 10)

From Nate Davis:

Give QB Trevor Lawrence points for toughness after throwing 50 passes just six days after suffering an ankle injury. But that doesn’t mask the loss of WR Christian Kirk (core muscle surgery) or a defense that’s surrendered 65 points and nearly 900 yards during the Jags’ two-game slide.

Fox Sports: 13 (last week: 11)

From David Helman:

After watching the Browns pressure the hell out of Trevor Lawrence and his injured ankle to great effect, my guess is the Jags can expect everyone else to employ similar tactics. Ravens defensive coordinator Mike Macdonald is one of the masters of creative blitzing, so Jacksonville would be wise to study up.

The Athletic: 16 (last week: 14)

Gus’ power rankings:

1. 49ers (last week: 1)

2. Ravens (2)

3. Cowboys (5) -- Here come the ‘Boys. Dak Prescott ranks second in the majority of efficiency stats behind Brock Purdy, but Prescott is now pacing the field in passing touchdowns. MVP.

4. Chiefs (4)

5. Eagles (3) -- Some teams with a higher point differential than Philadelphia this season: the Minnesota Vikings, the New Orleans Saints, and your Jacksonville Jaguars.

6. Bills (8) -- Buffalo won on the defending champions’ home turf, while Miami and Jacksonville lost to Will Levis and Joe Flacco, respectively. How could I not move up the Bills?

7. Dolphins (6) -- I can’t wait to see where De’Von Achane lands in fantasy rankings and awards odds next offseason.

8. Jaguars (7)

9. Rams (9) -- Last week’s overtime loss to Baltimore should prove to everyone that Los Angeles is a playoff-caliber team, so long as Matthew Stafford stays upright.

10. Lions (10)

Where would you rank the team heading into Week 15, Jaguars fans? Let us know in the comments!