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Jaguars vs. Ravens: Week 15 live blog and open thread

Jaguars look to upset the Ravens at home on Sunday Night Football

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars host the Baltimore Ravens and are playing on Sunday Night for the first time in 14 years. Despite a strong start to the season the Jaguars have lost two in a row and face the third AFC north team in as many weeks. Last years game was an instant classic be sure to stay tuned here for all your pregame and during the game information and analysis.

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-To find inactives for both teams click here

-Carrie Underwood has been iconic for her Sunday Night Football theme song and changes is up on a week to week basis. My prediction is “Jags and Ravens in a monster showdown”. Let us know in the comments what you think she will say.

-Jaguars offense will need to be clicking through the air in order to pull of this upset. That means no drops from the receivers. Jacksonville is top 10 in the NFL in drops and that needs to change tonight.

Trevor Leads the team out for a big AFC matchup on Sunday Night Football.

-Mike Florio is the only Sunday Night Football analyst to pick the Jaguars... time to prove the world wrong.

-Jaguars fans have been waiting all day for Sunday Night and we are just moments away from kickoff.

1st Quarter

-Ravens win the toss and defer, offense will start with the ball.

-Jaguars convert on a 3rd and medium and keep the drive alive early.

-Jaguars can’t convert on another 3rd down and are forced to punt the ball to Lamar Jackson and this Ravens offense.

-Defense can’t get in the backfield to sack Lamar and the Ravens offense is marching down the field.

-Jaguars defense looks shaky on the first drive but comes up with a huge redzone stop and will hold the Ravens to a field goal attempt.

-Justin Tucker’s field goal is good..... surprise. Ravens take a early 3-0 lead.

-Etienne gets the 1st down but Scherff is injured on the play and that is not good news for this already banged up offensive line.

-Jaguars almost tie it up but hit the right upright and the Ravens maintain their 3-0 lead.

-Walker gets the sack and the Jaguars force a punt on a quick 3 and out.

2nd Quarter

-Jaguars can’t convert on 3rd down as Ridley and Lawrence can’t get on the same page and they miss another field goal. Ravens still lead 3-0.

-Jaguars defense comes up with an interception and that is the momentum the Jaguars needed after two missed field goals in a row.

-Jaguars convert a huge 4th down and keep the drive alive.

-Trevor fumbles the ball on a scramble and the Jaguars give the ball right back to the Ravens.

-Lose out on a big game tying field goal opportunity.

-2 Minute warning, Jaguars defense can’t get the 3rd down stop they need and the Ravens are driving and threatening late in the 1st half.

-Ravens score the 1st touchdown of the game and take a 10-0 lead. Jaguars have no time outs and1 minute left to have a chance to go down and score some points before the end of the 1st half.

-Ravens get the ball back to start the second half

-Jaguars decide not to spike it on 1st down come away with no points

-The offense has left a lot of points on the board and this game is far from over as the Jaguars are down 10-0 after 1 half of football.

3rd Quarter

-Jaguars with 182 yards of total offense and no points, offense has to finish drives.

-Lamar Jackson showing why he is talked about in the MVP race this year as he has them at the 50 yard line.

-Jaguars defense comes up with a huge sack as the defense forces a punt and offense will get the ball hoping for points this drive.

-Trevor does the right thing and takes the easy high probability catch to Engram and the Jaguars convert on 3rd down.

-Thee exact thing the Jaguars needed!!!! Trevor hits a wide open Agnew and the Jaguars get their first touchdown of the game. Ravens 10, Jaguars 7.

-Ravens offense is clicking as the have the ball in Jaguars territory, defense needs a stop to give the offense the ball back.

-Defense comes up with a stop and force the Ravens to punt the ball and give the offense back to the Jaguars around the 10 yard line.

-False start stalls the drive and the Jaguars are forced to punt the ball back to the Ravens and Baltimore will get great starting field position.

-What special teams play as the Ravens will get the ball around the 40 yard line.

-Lamar converts another miracle play as the Ravens convert on 3rd down. End of the 3rd quarter. Ravens 10, Jaguars 7.

-Gus Edwards walks into the endzone and the Ravens take a late 10 point lead. Ravens 17, Jaguars 7.

-Jaguars can’t convert on 3rd and short, they will punt the ball back to the Ravens.

-Lamar is overpowering this Jaguars defense as this Ravens offense is deep into the redzone.

-Jaguars defense will hold the Ravens to a field goal and boy does their offense need a touchdown on this upcoming drive.

Jaguars 20, Ravens 7.

-Trevor fumbles the ball for a 2nd time this game as the Jaguars are running out of time and are inching closer to a 3rd straight loss.

-Ravens kick another field goal and this game seems out of reach as the Ravens now lead 23-7.

-Trevor’s arm looked a little off but continues to get first downs with his legs.

-Jaguars are in the redzone and driving, it seems as if they haven’t been here all day.

-Pederson with the challenge on the touchdown call and the play is under further review.

-Rule analyst for NBC disagrees with the call and the Jaguars lose a timeout.

-Jaguars can’t convert on a 4th and 10 late in the 4th quarter as the Jaguars are very close to a 3rd loss and this game is next to over.

-Ravens run this clock out and come away with the win in Jacksonville. A lackluster performance by this offense to say the least. Jaguars have a huge 3 games coming up as there is now a 3 way tie for first place in the AFC south.

FINAL SCORE: Ravens 23, Jaguars 7.