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NFL power rankings: Jaguars not a top-10 team entering Week 16

The Jacksonville Jaguars are more pretender than contender in the eyes of national media.

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Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

To get a feel for how the Jacksonville Jaguars are viewed around the league, here’s a look at 10 different national media power rankings going into Week 16 of the 2023 season.

The Ringer: 9 (last week: 8)

From Lindsay Jones:

The Jaguars’ defense did not play well in a 23-7 loss to the Ravens on Sunday night, but we’ve also got to talk about the way Jacksonville’s offense made multiple mistakes in the red zone that cost the team a chance to, if not win, at least make this a competitive game. Trevor Lawrence lost one of the most inexplicable fumbles in the first half as he scrambled toward the goal line; Baltimore did nothing to force the ball from Lawrence’s hand, it seems he simply dropped the ball. Then, in the final seconds of the second quarter, Lawrence threw a pass toward the sideline, but the receiver was stopped in bounds and Jacksonville couldn’t get off another play. No field goal try. Nothing. (Jacksonville also missed two field goal attempts in this game.) The Jags still look like a playoff team, but they’ll need to clean up these sorts of mistakes if they have any hopes of making a postseason run.

Bleacher Report: 10 (last week: 5)

CBS Sports: 10 (last week: 9)

From Pete Prisco:

Three straight losses has them in a position where they might not make the playoffs. Oh, how this season has gone bad for this group. 10 (last week: 9)

From Eric Edholm:

They made a host of errors early against the Ravens and ended up leaving 13 points on the board by halftime — two missed field-goal attempts and a potential touchdown blown at the end of the second quarter due to poor clock management and execution. It capped a wicked three-game losing streak for the see-saw franchise, replete with ill-timed penalties, mental lapses and blown assignments. Now a three-game divisional lead is gone. Trevor Lawrence has shown incredible toughness in not missing a single start — even when it looked dicey twice this season. But he had some regrettable errors against Baltimore, coughing up an unforced fumble in the red zone (one of two in the game) and mishandling the late first-half possession, stalling out inside the 5-yard line as the clock ran out. The questions are mounting in Jacksonville.

ESPN: 11 (last week: 10)

Yahoo Sports: 11 (last week: 11)

From Frank Schwab:

The Jaguars have opened the door for the Texans and Colts to steal the division. It’s a three-way tie now. Jacksonville has the easiest remaining schedule among the three and tiebreaker advantages too, but they should have run away with the AFC South and didn’t. And it doesn’t get easier with Trevor Lawrence in concussion protocol.

Pro Football Talk: 12 (last week: 10)

From Mike Florio:

The table was set for the No. 1 seed. Now, they might not even make the playoffs.

USA Today: 13 (last week: 12)

From Nate Davis:

Losing three in a row, all to AFC North teams, has completely eroded what had been a comfortable lead in the AFC South. Fortunately for the Jags – mathematically anyway – their final three games equate to the league’s easiest remaining schedule (based on opponents’ collective winning percentage).

Fox Sports: 15 (last week: 13)

From David Helman:

Just as concerning as Trevor Lawrence’s injury is the continued inability of the Jacksonville defense to get stops. I can’t help but feel like I’ve written the exact same blurb a couple of times in the last few weeks now.

The Athletic: 16 (last week: 16)

Gus’ power rankings:

1. 49ers (last week: 1) -- Give it to Lamar, give it to Dak, give it to Christian McCaffrey... just anyone not named Brock Purdy. If MVPs were supposed to always be awarded to the most objectively productive player, what’s the point of having a voting process in place?

2. Ravens (2) -- I get it if you disagree, but getting to watch Lamar Jackson play in person was worth the price of watching Jacksonville lose.

3. Bills (6) -- Could this be Buffalo’s year? What a crazy one it’s been so far.

4. Dolphins (7) -- Mike McDaniel and Vic Fangio would look pretty cool together on the front of an NBA Jam-style shirt. Their respective sides of the ball are doing similarly cool stuff weekly.

5. Cowboys (3) -- Frauds?

6. Chiefs (4) -- Frauds?

7. Eagles (5) -- Frauds?

8. Rams (9) -- I’m eager to see if Los Angeles’ defensive roster has enough juice to make a postseason run. Sean McVay has the offense clicking.

9. Browns (not ranked) — Kevin Stefanski would be my choice for Coach of the Year right now.

10. Jaguars (8) -- Definitely frauds.

Where would you rank the team heading into Week 16, Jaguars fans? Let us know in the comments!