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Reacts Survey results: Jaguars fans haven’t forgotten Tristan Wirfs

The results are in, and the majority of Jaguars fans would cherrypick Tristan Wirfs, an old Jags Twitter draft crush.

Tennessee Titans v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

This week, we asked Jacksonville Jaguars fans which Tampa Bay Buccaneers player they’d cherrypick to place on the Jags roster.

56% of voters chose offensive tackle Tristan Wirfs, and just 22% of voters chose wide receiver Mike Evans. I’m a bit surprised by the results, but in hindsight, a 24-year-old blindside protector is more valuable than a 30-year-old target for Trevor Lawrence.

Mike Caldwell spoke a bit about Evans on Thursday.

“He’s a talent and he really works hard. Big guy, sneaky fast. Like you’re saying, he’s consistent. He takes the top off the defenses, he goes up and competes for the ball, he’s a guy that’s a playmaker. He’s a number one that you really have to account for. I saw it first hand and he gets it done. It’ll be a good challenge for us.”

As for the confidence tracker -- 48% of Jaguars fans are confident in the direction of the team, another dip from last week’s 63% mark. This is just the second time this season that the majority of fans are not confident going forward.

Top comments from Tuesday’s post:

I voted Wirfs so we can kick Cam into left guard, upgrading two positions with one cherry pick.
Now if Evans hits free agency, I'd rather sign him than Ridley.
Same, except I'd dump Cam for $$$ reasons and have Little man the position. Protect Trev!
I'd never sign a 30+ WR for starter money (even though Ridley isn't much younger) unless I was sure the team was right on the cusp (KC). But, nobody pays me for my opinion.
I think there is a noticeable drop off from Cam to Little, and I'd rather save money by probably cutting on the defense (Jenkins).
I normally wouldn't be too excited for a 30 year old free agent, but I mean 10 straight years over 1000 yards, sign me up for year 11 and 12.

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