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A belated Festivus: Air your grievances against the 2023 Jaguars

A safe space to vent about the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Castle Rock Entertainment

As the holiday (and Jaguars’) season comes to a close, we wanted to offer a safe space for Jacksonville Jaguars fans to vent about their team.

The late, great Jerry Stiller was perhaps best known for his hysterical character on the iconic sitcom Seinfeld. Stiller played George Costanza’s father, Frank, and Frank helped bring Festivus into pop culture during the show’s Season 9, Episode 10 airing in 1997.

As Frank explains to Kramer, “At the Festivus dinner, you gather your family around, and tell them ALL THE WAYS THEY HAVE DISAPPOINTED YOU OVER THE PAST YEAR.”

And now, let me echo Frank by saying, “Festivus is back! I’ll get the pole out of the crawl space.”

(FWIW, Festivus is typically celebrated on December 23rd, but we thought a belated celebration would be suitable following the Jaguars’ fourth consecutive).

So, Jaguars fans, let’s hear it. What do you think has been the biggest problem during this past month of losing? Who should shoulder the blame? Who needs to go? What are you doing in the upcoming offseason as an armchair general manager to fix this team?