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Jaguars' Thursday Presser: ‘Find a way just to win a game’

Jaguars HC Doug Pederson addresses the media before the team's New Year's Eve matchup against the Panthers.

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

Following their 33-12 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, the Jacksonville Jaguars are now entering a must-win scenario this Sunday in their matchup versus the Carolina Panther. Jaguars’ Head Coach Doug Pederson met with the press on Thursday to discuss the upcoming matchup with the Carolina Panthers and to provide additional team updates.

Injury Updates:

Coach Pederson opened in speaking on the AC sprain to quarterback Trevor Lawrence's throwing shoulder:

If it were a defensive guy like [S] Andre Cisco who had a shoulder earlier, you can harness those things and keep things nice and tight. He can still practice. As long as you don’t bang him around and all of that. Well, the quarterback, you’re handing the ball off with that right arm, you’re throwing with the right arm. You’re stressing the shoulder a bit more, so those are all thing you’ve got to be careful of. It’s really a tolerance thing more than anything else, but you still want to be careful everyday you’re out there.

As we previously covered on Monday, AC sprains for quarterbacks can be a less straightforward recovery than other positions, as for lower-grade sprains players can often play through the injury with additional shoulder protection and medication. But, with quarterbacks with AC sprains to the throwing shoulder the additional protection may impact their throwing motion and involve more movement of the injured area.

This issue came up in a later question on balancing whether or not to start Lawrence this week with limited practice reps.

I think you’ve got to consider where we are in the season, what we have moving forward. Obviously, the biggest thing, and we’ve talked about this too, is you don’t want to risk further injury. That’s the big thing. If Trevor plays, we’re all in on that. If C.J. plays, we’re all in on that. The one thing about C.J. is in Trevor’s absence during the week, it’s valuable that C.J. has gotten all the reps and he’s prepared that way. He’s ready to go in a moment’s notice, he stepped in last week and obviously did a nice job for us last week at the end of that game. It’s a tough decision, but sometimes, I have to make those decisions based on Trevor’s health and where we are as a team.

  • As an update to Doug's statement Thursday morning that he expected Trevor would do some individual drills in practice, Lawrence was not present during the media open access practice time, per multiple reports.

Coach Pederson also provided clarity on CB Tyson Campbell’s injury from Sunday.

He just broke the tip of his finger in the game the other day. He can still write.

Doug also confirmed that Campbell’s injury was only partially why he did not play in the second half of last week's loss.

No, that’s part of it, but no. Last week, just to address Tyson, it was his first game back in a while. I wanted to progress him in the game, kind of get his feet back underneath him. There were some things in the game where it was just uncharacteristic of Tyson, just from not playing. Made the switch at halftime and this week will be different, he’ll get more opportunity this week, get another full week of practice. He’s doing a good job.

  • Additionally, after the conclusion of Coach Pederson's media availability, the following news dropped regarding another Jaguars CB, Christian Braswell:

Panthers Injuries:

Lineup Adjustments Coming?

I look at it is as things we can control. Number one, we can tackle better on defense. That’s in our control. We can take care of the football better. That’s in our control. Pre-snap penalties, those are things that are in our control. We can coach better, we can call better offense and defensive plays. Put our players in better situations, all things that are within our grasp and within our control. There’s going to be lineup changes based on injury this time of year, but our goals are still right in front of us. We have to eliminate some of that stuff that I mentioned and get back to figuring out and finding a way just to win a game. I don’t think you have to necessarily make that big spark change in order to do that.

When asked to clarify any coming updates to the starting depth chart, Coach Pederson essentially shut the door on the conversation.

I don’t anticipate (any changes). It’s all going to be injury related if anything this week.


As has been the case throughout much of 2023, the coaching staff has continued to preach ball security, with the defense doing their part, but the offense struggling to follow suit.

Sometimes it’s not always the quarterback, but it’s always in the stats and things lean towards the quarterback. We, the coaches, have got to make sure that all of our skill players are on the same page with our quarterback. What Trevor sees are the same things that they’re seeing. That just comes through repetition in practice, film study during the week, then obviously playing in games. Some of the mistakes we made in the Tampa game were just some guys just not on the same page, that’s something that we have to look at as a staff and fix those. At the same time, embrace the fact that this is where we are and now it’s up to us to get ourselves out of it and fix it.

One game playoff:

The Jaguars have an opportunity to potentially clinch the AFC South this week with a win and some outside help, or potentially fall out of the AFC South race with a loss. Coach Pederson discussed what he sees on tape from this Carolina Panthers squad.

Coach Tabor [Panthers Interim Head Coach Chris Tabor] has done a nice job of keeping everybody together, keeping everybody on the same page and just locked in week to week. Who cares about the win-loss record right now, these guys have played much better last week against Green Bay. This is a physical, fast group that they’re competing every day.

No matter the game outcome, there will likely be some scoreboard-watching taking place in Duval County. Fingers crossed it's for the first scenario and not the second!