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Jaguars vs. Panthers Week 17 live blog and open thread

The Jaguars look to snap its losing streak against a lackluster Panthers team.

Carolina Panthers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Matt Stroshane/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars host the Carolina Panthers in a crucial late-season matchup. There is a scenario where the Jaguars miss the playoffs today and there is a scenario where the Jaguars make the playoffs today. A lot is riding on backup quarterback C.J. Beathard and this Jaguars offense to get the ball rolling against the Panthers.

To find out how to watch the game, click here.

Will this be Josh Allen’s last home game as a Jaguars? Let us know in the comments.

This is what we like to see from a Jaguars offense that has been struggling as of late.

Uniforms for the last regular season home game for this Jaguars team in the 2023-2024 NFL season.

1st Quarter

-Panthers are without their kicker, linebacker will do kickoffs, he might on for field goals. Jaguars get the ball with great field to position to start the game.

-Beathard completes his first pass attempt for a key Jaguars first down.

-Jaguars are unable to score a touchdown on the opening drive but McManus kicks the 35 yard field goal. Jaguars 3, Panthers 0.

-Jaguars blitz on 3rd down, Panthers convert and keep the drive alive.

-With no kicker the Panthers have to go for it on 4th down and the Jaguars come up with a big Sack. Turnover on downs for the Panthers.

-Bryce young injured during the play.

-Engram walks to the sideline with what looks like a knee injury for the Jaguars leading receiver.

-End of the quarter, Jaguars lead the Panthers 3-0.

2nd Quarter

-The pass to Ridley on 3rd down is incomplete, the Jaguars are forced to punt the ball and will play the field position game against the Panthers.

-Jaguars sack Bryce Young for the 2nd time today, Panthers are forced to punt the ball right back to the Jaguars.

-Jaguars convert the pass on 4th down and Engram keeps the drive alive

-Jaguars convert on 3rd and 10 to Engram again and the offense now has the ball on the Panthers 13.

-Beathard’s pass is incomplete to Ridley, Jaguars will settle for a field goal. Jaguars 6, Panthers 0.

-Bryce Young is sacked again!! Jaguars defense is playing out of their minds today and the Panthers will punt the ball back to this Jaguars offense.

-Josh Allen has tied the franchise sack record for this Jacksonville franchise.

-Beathard completes the pass to Agnew for a big 48 yard play. Agnew is injured during the play as he holds his leg.

-Jaguars have the ball on the Panthers 7 yard line.

-Jaguars can’t convert another redzone possession and the Jacksonville will kick another field goal. Jaguars 9, Panthers 0.

-It is the 2 minute warning in Jacksonville, the Panthers will have a short 3 down on their 32 yard line.

-INJURY UPDATE: Jamal Agnew is questionable to return with an ankle injury.

-Josh Allen gets his 2nd sack of the day on 3rd down and is the career leader in sacks for the Jaguars.

-Beathard is sacked and the Jaguars will punt the ball, Jaguars offense can not convert the 2 minute offense.

-The record breaking sack.

-Jaguars get the stop on 3rd down. If you are Doug Pederson are you aggressive to end this half? Let us know in the comments.

-It’s half time and the Jaguars lead the Panthers 9 to 0.

3rd Quarter

-Jaguars force another 3rd down stop on this Panthers offense and the Jaguars will get the ball for the first time in the 2nd half.

-Defense forces another 3 and out.

-Etienne takes it to the house. Jaguars with the first touchdown of the game and take a 16-0 lead.

-Jaguars force a 6th consecutive 3 and out and punt the ball back to this Jaguars offense. 10 minutes left in the 3rd quarter.

-CJ a mobile quarterback???

-Jaguars 2nd string quarterback C.J. Beathard is walking off the field, the Jaguars will look to their 3rd string quarterback Matt Barkley.

-Beathard is back in the game, Jaguars offense dodged a bullet there.

-Jaguars can’t convert a 3rd down in the red zone.

-McManus kicks the field goal. Jaguars 19, Panthers 0.

-Jaguars defense is pitching a shutout and the offense is doing its job.

-End of the quarter: Jaguars 19, Panthers 0.

4th Quarter

-Panthers convert the 4th down and pick up the 1st down and move the ball into Jaguars territory.

-Josh Allen with his 3rd sack of the day on Bryce Young and it will be 3rd and 8 for the Panthers.

-Panthers convert their 2nd 4th down of the drive and the drive is still alive for this Panthers offense.

-Challenge is successful and the pass is now incomplete, 2nd and 10 from the 30 yard line.

-Jaguars force another turnover on downs.

-The offense will get the ball back with 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter, time to milk that clock.

-Jaguars are stopped on 3rd down and will punt the ball back to the Panthers.

-Listening to the radio broadcast with Jaguars hall of famer tony boselli, he wants the Jaguars to put in some backups after this Panthers drive, and I completely agree.

-Jaguars force another turnover on downs as this defense brings and all out blitz.

-Etienne stretches the ball across the goal line and the Jaguars now lead the panthers 26 to 0.

-Antonio Johnson intercepts the ball from Bryce Young and that will essentially seal the game for this Jaguars team.

-2 minute warning Jaguars 26, Panthers 0.

-A little hostility as the Jaguars knee the ball but Jacksonville wins this game 26-0.

-9th shutout of the Jaguars franchise

-Jaguars end this game tied for first place in the AFC south and will play for the division next week against the Titans.