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Jaguars vs. Bengals: Week 13 live blog and open thread

The Jaguars have their first Monday Night Football game since 2011 as they host the Bengals in prrrrrrime time.

Cincinnati Bengals v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ offense is looking good, and the team has dreams of playing deep into the postseason. Jacksonville hosts the Cincinnati Bengals and has the chance to show the country on primetime television why they belong to be talked with some of the best teams in the NFL.

To find out how to watch/listen to the game click here.


-I’m ready to run through a wall!!!!

-Watching Monday Night Countdown right now if you are not already tuned in definitely —check it out to learn some more about this team behind the scenes.

-Because of the Jaguars conference record a win tonight would give Jacksonville the number one seed in the AFC.

1st Quarter

-Jaguars won the coin toss and will kick it off to the Bengals to start, the stadium is rocking.

-Bengals move the ball across the 50 yard line and go for it on 4th down.

-Jaguars defense comes up with the sack on 4th down and the momentum is all on the Jaguars side.

-Kirk is injured on the 26 yard completion to start the drive, will keep you updated on the injury.

-John Shipley reports Kirk is limping on the sidelines and is going to the locker room gingerly.

-Jags take advantage of the short field and march right down to take the early lead. Jaguars 7, Bengals 0.

-Jaguars defense is missing tackles and the Bengals are moving the ball on this defense easily.

-Despite the sloppy tackling Jaguars defense comes up with a stop and for the second straight week an opposing kicker hits the crossbar against the Jaguars.

-Glass half full, questionable is better than out.

-Jaguars offense can’t take advantage of the short field as Trevor misses Zay on 3rd down and Jacksonville will now play the field position game.

-End of the quarter as the Bengals will start the 2nd quarter on 3rd down. Jaguars 7, Bengals 0.

2nd Quarter

-Browning looks like prime Tom Brady as he has only missed one pass and the Bengals are in the redzone, Cisco injured on the play.

-Joe Mixon runs left and scores the Bengals first touchdown of the game. Bengals have now tied it up Jaguars 7, Bengals 7.

-Jags offense is clicking and running smoothly as the Jaguars score with Engram and take the lead right back. Jaguars 14, Bengals 7.

-At the two minute warning the Jaguars defense has come close but can’t seem to get the necessary stops and the Bengals are in the redzone threatening to score and tie this ball game up.

-Joe Mixon scores his 2nd touchdown of the 1st half and the Bengals have tied this game up 14-14 Jaguars 14, Bengals 14.

-Jaguars get the ball to start the 2nd half and will run the 1 minute drill to try and get a quick score.

-Sack stalls the drive for the Jaguars as they are forced to punt the ball back to the Bengals. Half time adjustments need to be made for this Jaguars defense.

3rd Quarter

-2nd half starts and the Jaguars will look to get some points and regain this lead.

-Jaguars can’t get a first down and the Jaguars will punt the ball back to the Bengals, let’s see what Mike Caldwell cooked up during halftime.

-Not how the Jaguars defense thought that would go as Jamar Chase catches a 76 yard touchdown and the Bengals now lead. Jaguars 14, Bengals 21.

-Jaguars offense looks good as they are driving the ball and have the Ball at the Bengals 33 yard line.

-Next man up as Parker Washington makes a great catch and the Jaguars have tied this one up. Jaguars 21, Bengals 21.

-Wow did Jaguars need that! Interception from Josh Allen and Jacksonville has the ball in the red zone!!!

-Is that Lamar Jackson?? No it’s dual threat quarterback Trevor Lawrence as he takes it up the middle and Jacksonville takes advantage of the INT and lead the game. Jaguars 28, Bengals 21.

-Jaguars defense comes up with the stop and forces the punt, Parker Washington muffs the punt but is able to recover and the Jaguars offense looks to extend the lead.

-3rd quarter comes to an end as the Jaguars will get the ball on 3rd down to start the 4th quarter with the lead, Jaguars lead 28-21

4th Quarter

-Very questionable delay of game as the Jaguars are forced to punt the ball back to the Bengals.

-Bengals convert on 4th down and now have a 1st and goal with 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter

-Browning converts the QB sneak and the game is now tied. Jaguars 28, Bengals 28.

-Jaguars offense needed a response and Trevor Lawrence is throwing dimes to his team mates.

-Lawrence is visibly upset and hurt as he has yet to get off the field and the stadium is dead silent.

-Jaguars miss the field goal as the air has been taken out of this team and Trevor gets helped to the locker room.

-Josh Allen gets the sack on 3rd down and this defense is playing for 16!!

-Bengals kick the field goal and get the lead back. Bengals 31, Jaguars 28. Lawrence is questionable to return with an ankle injury.

-Jaguars kick the field goal and tie the game. Bengals will get 30 seconds to go down and try score and win this game. Jaguars 31, Bengals 31.

-Bengals drive ends and for the first time this season for the Jaguars the team will play into overtime.


-Jaguars get hit with the holding call and can’t convert a third down. Jaguars will punt the ball back to the Bengals.

-Bengals have the ball in Jaguars territory and will look to score and win this game.

-2 minutes left and the Bengals have the ball on the Jaguars 31, a field goal wins the game for the Bengals.

-Bengals kick the field goal and win this game 34,31. Pederson will most definitely be asked about Trevor Lawrence in the press conference. Let’s hope it’s nothing too serious as the season is not over by any stretch of the imagination.