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Jaguars v. Bengals: Winners and losers from Week 13

Jaguars fumble around at home again and stack injuries in devastating loss

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Bob Self/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

Well that was a disaster.

In a brutal, crippling and embarrassing 34-31 Monday Night Football loss, the Jacksonville Jaguars were exposed in all the worst ways.

Injuries now are the major storyline for the team moving forward as the season’s outlook now teeters slightly.

Here are your winners (surprise, it’s Josh Allen) and losers from a brutal evening.


Josh Allen

Ok, now we can all sit back and officially say that Josh Allen is really good and will get paid as such.

On a night where the defense really did nothing at all, Allen stood out as the bright spot with 1.5 sacks and an interception that set the Jags up for points.

He also recorded one tackle for loss and two quarterback hits, essentially the only player on the defense that was able to make any sort of significant impact.

This season, Allen now has 13.5 sacks and is just .5 away from Calais Campbell’s franchise record of 14 in one season.

It doesn’t need to be overstated, but he is the franchise cornerstone on that side of the ball. It is looking like the Jags will need another Herculean effort from Allen on Sunday to keep the ship afloat.

Parker Washington

With how the game played out, Parker Washington’s first big game kind of falls by the wayside. But don’t let it.

After Christian Kirk went down, Washington stepped up in an enormous way.

He ended his night on offense with six catches for 61 yards and a touchdown (don’t watch that throw, just enjoy the score).

On special teams, he averaged 25.5 yards per kick return.

Since Washington has been injured for most of his rookie season, the Jags’ fans have not been able to get a clear read on what they have in Washington. The signs seem to be overwhelmingly positive after Monday. He had a few rookie mistakes, like not being on the same page with Trevor Lawrence once or twice, but seemingly no one on the team was on the same page consistently.

With Kirk now on an uncertain return timetable, as with Lawrence, production could continue to increase for Washington. He looks like he can handle it.


The Jags

Plain and simple, if you allow a team quarterbacked by Jake Browning to come into your place on primetime and put up 491 yards of offense, you deserve to lose.

The Jags allowed a season high in rushing (156 yards) and Browning diced up the defense all night to the tune of 335 passing yards.

It almost makes you want to shiver to think about what a healthy Joe Burrow could have done.

The Jaguars are 8-4 and by no means out of it in terms of the AFC playoff race. But all four loses this season have come at home and have largely been complete duds by the Jags in front of their home fans.


As if the loss wasn’t bad enough, a number of Jags starters went down with various injuries.

Lawrence, Kirk, Walker Little, Foley Fatukasi, C.J. Beathard and Tre Herndon all got banged up. All of those guys are starters, or at least going to be in Beathard’s case.

Obviously the Lawrence injury is the biggest of all of them. Initial reports are suggesting way better results than what it looked like on the field, but it is still not good at all, especially considering this is Lawrence’s second leg injury of the year.

There is no way to tell at this current stage what the future holds for those guys and this season.

But a playoff bound team cannot afford to start stacking key starter injuries this late in the year.

Mike Caldwell

As far as bad defensive performances go, this one was an all timer by defensive coordinator Mike Caldwell.

In the past four weeks, the Jags have been absolutely pummeled at home twice. Someone has to be blamed for that, and the blame should fall squarely on the head of Caldwell.

Caldwell is by no means on the chopping block or a bad DC, he just has not had his fastball in the biggest moments this year.

Tyson Campbell coming back from injury and playing terribly doesn’t help. The team not being able to tackle doesn’t help either.

But it did not seem like one of the better overall defenses in the league was ready to face a backup quarterback.

Luckily (maybe unlucky at this point?) the Jags are slated to face a bad lineup of quarterbacks to finish out the season, Lamar Jackson excluded. That all looked like it should have gone in the Jags favor. Now, it is hard to imagine that the next five offensive coordinators on the schedule are not licking their chops about facing the Jags.

The Jags, again

Jake Browning? Really? And the Sean Kingston “concert” was awful. Man...