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Reacts Survey results: Jaguars fans think Myles Garrett is decent

The results are in, and Jaguars fans’ confidence has dropped following Monday’s loss.

Cleveland Browns v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Ric Tapia/Getty Images

This week, we asked Jacksonville Jaguars fans which Cleveland Browns player they’d cherrypick to place on the Jags roster.

92% of voters chose All-Pro defensive end Myles Garrett.

Press Taylor had a great answer when asked about Garrett’s talents on Thursday.

“He is a freak show. He looks like the Hulk. We’ve watched the highlights of him playing basketball, we’ve watched the highlights of him doing the 60-inch box jump. It’s incredible what he’s able to do. He’s got speed, power, and quickness. They move him around; they do a good job of not putting him stationery where you know where he’s going to be. You can build a plan just to emphasize that area, he moves around enough within the system to where you can’t ever settle into if he’s on the left side, if he’s on the right side, he’s going to be on this side, whatever it is. He’s the total package of being able to align anywhere, to do anything, to use any sort of move to be able to win a pass rush potentially. He’s a problem.”

As for the confidence tracker -- 78% of Jaguars fans are confident in the direction of the team, a decline from last week’s 95% mark.

Top comments from Tuesday’s post:

Going from like the 80th best edge in Travon to the number 1 edge in Myles Garrett? Sign me up!
Easy Pick ... Myles Garrett all Day
No question.

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