Two Mock Drafts (**EDIT** I added a 3rd)

I had the itch to do some mock drafts so I am going with PFF and PFN for these. As I am writing this part before I do the mock drafts, I will say I plan to entertain trades proposed (PFN) of teams interested with trading up to my spot (PFF) but barring some crazy value pick, I do not plan to actively try to move up.

**EDIT** I did not plan to necessarily share this third one that I did today, but the lunacy is worth a laugh, if you ask me.

I also want to be clear about some free agency expectations that I intend to consider when I draft:

  • Walker Little and Cam Robinson will be the starting tackles in 2023. Whether Baalke/Doug make this decision or not, I expect Jawann gets too goo of a deal elsewhere. This means a swing tackle type player will be something to consider more than a true RT, although if a great one is there, I guess Little can stick in the role he has been in.
  • Hasty being resigned does not change anything when it comes to a backup RB, but I suspect the fee agent market might be the place this teams looks for one. I doubt the team takes ANOTHER RB in the draft.
  • ...and perhaps the expectation we definitely can agree on, Evan Engram will be back in Duval County next year (and beyond)
DRAFT 1: Pro Football Focus Simulator (I included the setting I chose below)

DRAFT 2: Pro Football Network Simulator

DRAFT 3: NFLMockDraftDatabase (so ridiculous what trades were offered to me in this simualtor!!)