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To Re-sign or not to Re-sign?

That is the question

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Douglas P. DeFelice/Getty Images

With the impending draft, free agency dates, and league cap, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ office will have to make decisions with free agents soon. The team has three tight ends about to enter unrestricted free agency: Evan Engram, Dan Arnold, and Chris Manhertz. The NFL defines unrestricted free agency as, “Unrestricted free agent (UFA): Any player with four or more accrued seasons and an expired contract; free to negotiate and sign with any team.”

Evan Engram had a career high season and was instrumental in the team making the playoffs. This season he had 73 catches for 766 yards, averaging 10.49 yards per catch, and 4 touchdowns. He is currently holds the franchise’s record for most tight end receiving yards in a season.

Dan Arnold had a slightly higher yards per carry than Engram. Arnold averaged 15 yards but only had 9 catches for 135 yards. Chris Manhertz went for 42 yards with 6 catches, averaging 7 yards per carry.

Me personally, I would keep Engram. What would you do with the three tight ends? Are there any tight ends in the draft that you think would be a good fit for the Jaguars? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

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