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Jacksonville Jaguars free agency and salary cap update

Here’s where the Jaguars’ salary cap stands after the early weeks of free agency.

NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars finally got a little active in free agency last week, making a few signings and restricting some contracts. It’s time for a little update on where the Jaguars roster currently stands and what their salary cap currently looks like.

New Signings

The Jaguars made a few signings last week in the secondary wave of free agency as we expected they would. The team signed free agent defensive end Michael Dogbe, who had previously played for the Arizona Cardinals. The team also added defensive lineman Henry Mondeaux and running back D’Ernest Johnson on a one-year deal. None of these signings are going to be game changers for the Jaguars on the surface, but they will add some potential depth and rotation to the lineup.

Contract Restructures

With a few signings and putting the franchise tag on tight end Evan Engram, the Jaguars shuffled up their salary cap situation a bit. Currently, according to Spotrac (, the Jaguars have an estimated $11,059,988 in cap space. The Jaguars had some big contracts restructure to convert money into signing bonus and pushing prorated cap hits out in the future where they have loads of available cap space. Foley Fatukasi converted some to free up nearly $6 million in cap space, Zay Jones, Brandon Scherff and Christian Kirk also made similar restructures to clear cap space back at the end of February.

Future Signings

While no one expected the Jaguars to make any big splashes in free agency, the team does have wiggle room to bring someone in if they desire, especially if they end up signing Engram to a long term deal. The team did have Calais Campbell in for a visit last week, however it’s likely he would sign a short term deal with minimal cap impact if he did end up returning to the Jaguars. Don’t be surprised if the Jaguars end up peeking at the safety and cornerback market, as well.