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2023 NFL Draft: Jaguars Prospect Tracker

Jacksonville has shown interest in 61 draft prospects through meetings, visits, and more.

NFL: Combine Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the 2023 NFL Draft just 10 days away, here’s a full list of every prospect the Jacksonville Jaguars have shown interest towards.

The team hasn’t been publicly announcing its draft crushes -- but by tracking combine meetings, top 30 visits, and pro day attendance, we’ve compiled a list of 61 names to watch for on draft weekend.

Click here to view the full prospect tracker list. We’ll be updating it as needed and adding more information as the draft approaches.

Cornerback, edge, and offensive tackle are the most popular positions on the sheet. (Those are also the positions with the lowest odds on DraftKings Sportsbook for Jacksonville’s first drafted player.) Here’s a full breakdown:

  • Cornerback: 10
  • Edge: 9
  • Offensive Tackle: 8
  • Safety: 6
  • Running Back: 5
  • Defensive Tackle: 5
  • Defensive End: 4
  • Offensive Guard: 4
  • Wide Receiver: 4
  • Linebacker: 3
  • Tight end: 2
  • Kicker: 1

The top three positions aren’t surprising, but there’s more interest in running backs (and less in tight ends) than one might’ve expected. The Jaguars may be less confident in its running back room than fans, and the inverse for its tight end group.

Here’s another positional breakdown, but only looking at top-50 prospects:

  • Edge: 6
  • Cornerback: 3
  • Offensive Tackle: 2
  • Offensive Guard: 1
  • Defensive Tackle: 1
  • Safety: 1
  • Wide Receiver: 1