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Jaguars News

Jacksonville Jaguars v Chicago Bears Photo by John Konstantaras/Getty Images

Phase one of off-season workouts started Monday! During this time, “activity will be limited to meetings, strength and conditioning, and physical rehabilitation only.” This phase of workouts is voluntary. Coach Doug Pederson was “thrilled” with this week’s attendance. It was noted tight end Evan Engram was not in attendance. Engram is not eligible to participate until his franchise tag is signed.

Former Jaguars defensive lineman, Chris Smith passed away. Smith was drafted by the Jaguars during the fifth round of the 2014 NFL Draft and played with the team until he was traded to the Cincinnati Bengals in 2017.

Defensive back Chris Claybrooks was arrested in Nashville over the weekend and is facing misdemeanor charges. Claybrooks was drafted during the seventh round of the 2020 draft and just finished his third season with the team.

Hall of Famer Tony Boselli celebrated a birthday.

The team has hired a new reporter/producer!

Doug Pederson, Trent Baalke, Trevor Lawrence, Calvin Ridley, and Foye Oluokun met with the media.

Trevor Lawrence on taking the next step during the 2023 season:

Calvin Ridley on Trevor Lawrence and the other wide receivers:

Foye Oluokun on what he needs to do more of this season:

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