"A Bunch of Mocks" - 6 Days Out

Less than a week to go, and I have a day off from work to do one of these posts that I have done in the past. PFF is unfortunately behind the pay wall now for a full 7 round mock, but now ESPN has an interesting simulator that I found out about.. Let's see what you think. Please do not be shy and let me know in the comments!

Option A: Pro Football Network Simulator (with trades)

Option B: Pro Football Network Simulator (without trades)

Option C: NFLMockDraft Database Simulator (without trades, because their algorithm for trades is ridiculous!)

Option D: ESPN Simulator

I think I am happiest with how Draft C went down but given that as of right now Brian Branch in the 1st round is my preference, C and D were the clear favorites in that regard! I should also point out that Abanikanda went to a NYC public school that played the school where I work every season, so it would be kind of cool to see him playing for my favorite team!

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