"Keepin It 100" Jaguars' NFL Draft Grades:


The House Rules:

  • No grading on a hometown curve
  • No teal glasses commentary.
  • Guiding Rule: Just call balls and strikes based on the tape, the pick value (based on reasonably known information), & opportunity cost of players passed on at the time of the pick.

Weighting Note: For the overall draft grade I weigh the top of draft heavier than I weigh the backend, as I judge the guys more likely to be on the field for significant snaps heavier than guys who may be fighting for special teams reps or fighting for roster spots. Pick & positional value also obviously comes into play in weighting the draft also. A Gregory Jr/Snoop Connor type of pick shouldn't (& won't) weigh the same as a Harrison/Strange one. They are absolutely drafted with different day one expectations.

My "Keepin It 100" Jaguars' NFL Draft Grades:

1. Anton Harrison B
2. Brenton Strange D
3. Tank Bigsby B+
4. Ventrell Miller D
4. Tyler Lacy B+
5. Yasir Abdullah B+
5. Antonio Johnson A+
6. Parker Washington A
6. Christian Braswell B
6. Erick Hallett C
7. Cooper Hodges B-
7. Raymond Vohasek C
7. Derek Parish B+

Jacksonville Jaguars Overall Draft Grade: C

Maybe I'm being to harsh though... Without being a homer or too irrational, how did you all grade this weekend?

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