London Games A Major Advantage For 2023 Jags


For anyone who has been hiding under a rock for the past 24 hours, you may not have heard that the NFL has released their international schedule for NFL games 2023-2024 regular season. And whew, is it a great one for the home team.


As covered by Gus Logue earlier today, the NFL confirmed that the Jaguars will indeed have two London games this season in back to back weeks (week 4 home game vs the Atlanta Falcons & a week 5 away game vs the Buffalo Bills).

In summary, the Jaguars lost the neighboring Atlanta Falcons home game to London. And while that sorta stinks for any Falcons fans who may have been looking forward to making that short drive or flight, it is absolutely the best case scenario for the Jaguars. The remainder of the Jaguars home schedule is pretty incredible & more importantlythe Jaguars will avoid facing the Bills at home (which I would consider a major advantage avoiding an October game in Buffalo).

More importantly, today's release finally gives us some clarity on who the Jaguars will play at home vs away moving forward:

True Away Schedule:

The Jaguars' 2023 away game schedule just might be the most favorable true away schedule in the NFL this year. While it's never a guarantee that a team goes undefeated on the road, the Jaguars are definitely set up in a prime position to do so.

True Home Schedule:

A note of emphasis: with the Jaguars having 9 home games this season, even with two London games Jax will still end up with 8 home games in 2023. In hindsight, the NFL was truly limited on which home game they could have chosen to take from Jaguars' fans & I commend them for choosing Atlanta. The only real choice was the Falcons or the Panthers, while avoiding giving away a primetime home game. I'm sure most Jag fans would prefer to lose that game over the majority of the non-AFC South opponents.

We will take a deeper dive into the full schedule release once made fully official & we know the teams' bye week date. But, what is your current opinion of the hand the Jaguars were dealt?

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