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NFL 2023 schedule: Jaguars, Titans, Chargers among our favorite social media schedule videos

Who else outside of Jacksonville had a great 2023 schedule announcement?

It’s the middle of May, so you’d think the NFL offseason would’ve quieted down a bit following the NFL Draft.


The league’s big event this month was a three-hour televised show debuting next season’s full schedule. Every team’s calendar became official at 8 p.m. on Thursday night, and each team’s social media team was ready to go with an entertaining schedule release.

The Jacksonville Jaguars recruited actor Asher Grodman to help with their script writing, which included a few Entourage-level cameos.

As wrong as it feels to promote a Titans post, you gotta tip your cap to their social team. There isn’t another schedule release that made me laugh harder this year.

The iconic Chargers social team posted an anime video with some incredible hidden gems.

They also had a thread of opponents as Pop Tarts. Another classic.

The Cardinals released their schedule with a thread of opponents if Arizona were on aux.

There’s several more good ones, but we’ll close out with the Birds getting help from some doggos for their schedule release.