Is Daytona In The Jaguars Future?

Per multiple reports, the Jaguars could potentially host home games at the Daytona International Speedway during future renovations of the home stadium


Over the past few weeks Jaguar fans, the local media, and even the national media have all gotten into the mix in discussing possible relocation options for the Jacksonville Jaguars during the reported future 2-4 year stadium renovations. Thoughout much of these conversations many options have been presented: Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville & Camping World Stadium in Orlando have primarily been the reported options outside of the city of Jacksonville. Those are in addition to multiple local options available.

Today's report, however is an really interesting suggestion that I actually recommended weeks ago on South Florida Tribune's "Inside The Pigskin" podcast. Per a report from Don Muret with VenuesNow, Jacksonville Jaguars officials plan to meet with Daytona International Speedway officials in the coming weeks about the possibility of using the Daytona 500 Speedway as a temporary home stadium for the NFL team for two years as it renovates TIAABankField.

Jaguars president Mark Lamping on Daytona: "It would be an interesting solution, but would also require significant investment in terms of infrastructure. It can accommodate a big crowd. It would be a little wonky, but it’s worth considering."

For anyone who wasn't aware, the Daytona International Speedway previously hosted NCAA games in the 1970s and Nascar most recently hosted a college game at the Bristol Motor Speedway which hosted a 2016 game with over 100k in attendance back. This reported option could save 40-45 minutes off of the Orlando commute for the local fans, making it a similar drive to Gainesville but using less local roads. It may also potentially result in less of an investment verses the hometown options than have been presented to date (building up UNF or the Jumbo Shrimp baseball fields). Additionally, it's still in the Orlando area so the team could potentially gain more Orlando fans while playing in their local market, just 30 minutes away.

What are your thoughts on today's reports Jaguar fans?

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