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2023 Training Camp dates were announced and Josh Allen spoke about working on himself during the offseason

Coach Doug Pederson met with the media to start off the first day of the Jaguars’ mandatory minicamp and other highlights from training

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

Today began the Jacksonville Jaguars’ three-day mandatory minicamp. To start the day off, Head Coach Doug Pederson met with the media. He spoke briefly about how the offseason is a time to “be creative” and redefine everything. Although minicamp is compulsory, Coach Pederson excused some veteran players from attending the camp. “They’ve done everything that I’ve asked them to do. We just felt it was beneficial for them to give the extra days. I appreciate everybody that’s here.”

“We have 91 guys and the ones that have been here have been working their tails off. It’s a voluntary program, so using my discretion I’ve given some of these guys these three days where we can really focus on the young guys and some of the injured guys who can get another three days of treatment and rehab.”

All of the Jaguars’ players with the exception of outside linebacker Josh Allen and tight end Evan Engram attended voluntary OTAs in some capacity. Josh Allen was in attendance for today’s training. There were 34 non-rookies in attendance today. Some of the veterans included offensive tackle Josh Wells, linebacker Devin Lloyd, and linebacker Chad Muma. Coach Pederson said he’s “excited” to see Josh Allen and welcome him back. When asked what he wanted to see from Allen during minicamp, Pederson stated he was excited to see him “run around”, see what shape he’s in, and his leadership amongst other things.

When asked about wide receiver Calvin Ridley:

Coach Pederson also spoke briefly on how well Wide Receivers Coach Chad Hall relates with the wide receivers, the respect the players have for him, and how he makes the guys better. The dates for the 2023 Training Camp were announced! Quarterbacks, rookies, first-year players, and injured players will report on July 21st, and the rest of the team will report on July 25th. This will be the first time the team uses its new training facility, Miller Electric Center. Pederson said that it’s likely the first practice will be open to the public.

The 125,000 sq ft training facility includes locker rooms, training areas, a recovery area, medical support, a weight room, a dining area for players, office space, and a draft room. Pederson is “excited” to move to the new facilities and make use of the extra space. The media was allowed access to today’s practice so I rounded up a few clips.

Linebacker Josh Allen:

Running back Tank Bigsby:

Safety Antonio Johnson:

Wide receiver Calvin Ridley:

Tackle Anton Harrison: