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OC Press Taylor: ‘We build this offense for him, we build game plans for Trevor’

OC Press Taylor and DC Mike Caldwell met with the media and other highlights from Day 2 of minicamp

NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars Minicamp Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars kicked off Day 2 of minicamp with Offensive Coordinator Press Taylor and Defensive Coordinator Mike Caldwell meeting with the media.

Press Taylor began by speaking on the competition amongst the players and noted there’s “a lot of talent” and “a lot of young talent” on the Jaguars’ roster. Taylor stated wide receivers Seth Williams, Kendric Pryor, Kevin Austin, and Jaylon Moore (prior to injury) were some of the emerging returning players he’s noticed. In addition to the young wide receivers, Taylor has seen growth in tight end Brenton Strange and a “really good skillset” from tight end Gerrit Prince. Press Taylor is impressed with running back Tank Bigsby’s “high level of professionalism” and is excited about him. With the added range kicker Brandon McManus has brought to the team, Taylor said it will be case by case in regard to the offense being aggressive on fourth downs or letting McManus kick a field goal.

The question was asked if the offensive line is stronger this year than it was last year, and Taylor answered, “We’d like to think so.” There is a lot of versatility amongst the players due to the cross-training and their ability to play different positions. All of the guys are “committed to winning”. When it comes to quarterback Trevor Lawrence, Taylor stated he told Lawrence, “We build this offense for him, we build game plans for Trevor and then we piece everybody around him based on what they do really well”. He briefly spoke about how conversations with Lawrence are now compared to last year. “Now the conversations with Trevor are much further along than they were last year; he knows what he likes, he knows how he wants to attack people, how people try to attack us”.

Defensive Coordinator Mike Caldwell was asked about outside linebacker K’Lavon Chaisson. Caldwell thinks Chaisson is doing a good job. He’s noticed his growth in schemes, that Chaisson is playing with confidence, and seems ready both mentally and physically. Caldwell also spoke about the “increase” he sees in linebacker Devin Lloyd and how safety Antonio Johnson’s skillset allows him to play in different positions such as nickel or safety.

Back-to-back tackle leader, inside linebacker Foye Oluokun was excused from minicamp but has shown up both days. When asked, Caldwell stated, “We call him James Brown, the hardest working man in show business. That just continues. He sat in every meeting, so I told him [Monday], ‘You might want to come up here and do the installation, you know it.’ He said, ‘Nah, nah, nah, you go ahead and do it.’ I see him today, he’s back in there. That just shows the type of leader he is now. I’d like to see him gone and get away and, and get refreshed, but he’s here and we love seeing him around there.”

Video highlights from day 2 of minicamp:

Calvin Ridley:

Josh Allen:

Tank Bigsby:

Christian Braswell:

Jordan Smith:

Derek Parish’s plans for the break: