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Andre Cisco: a man of many talents

Jacksonville’s safety dropped a new single under the alias “Deeski”

The NFL offseason is one where everyone involved can expand on talents outside of the football field. If you’re a writer, try going outside and doing non-football things. Players will get into streaming on Twitch. If you’re Jaguars safety Andre Cisco, you make music.

Cisco released a track named “Finally”, which you can find on YouTube now (plus Apple Music and SoundCloud). The 2:30 track is the second song released by Cisco, who goes by the alias “Deeski” on all of his songs. Because we here at Big Cat Country are the most prominent sports music reviewers of all time (don’t look that up, just take our word for it), here is our review of the track “Finally”, by Deeski.


This is a song that I could see being played in the car, on a drive to get groceries or just needing something to clear your head. The organs and piano at the beginning give the song a lighter feel, as Deeski sings about his journey and how he’s made it to the point that he’s always dreamed about. It’s a brief song, but one that stands out when considering Cisco’s journey to the NFL. It’s not a standout song, but a pretty cool one, and definitely one of the better songs made by an NFL player.