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The best Jaguars 2023 road games, ranked

From Indianapolis in September to Tennessee in January, here’s some unsolicited thoughts on the Jaguars’ 2023 road trips.

The Jacksonville Jaguars will play the Atlanta Falcons and Buffalo Bills in London in 2023.
The Jacksonville Jaguars are playing back-to-back London games in 2023.
Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

With training camp on the horizon and the start of the NFL regular season within 100 days away, now is the perfect time to bust out your calendar and start booking important life events around the Jaguars’ schedule.

Weddings, gender reveal parties, friend reunions, and even the birth of your own child are all important milestones in one’s life but should remain a distant second to Jags games.

So, to aid in your potential travel plans, we’ve outlined a cheat sheet for the Jags best road games. While we hope this helps, we also hope you disagree with the order in some form and debate this in the replies — because, you know, engagement baby!

So, without further ado…

8. @ Cleveland Browns (Week 14 – December 10 at 1 p.m.)

Cleveland in December? Cleveland any time? Uh, hell nah. Unless you have a burning desire to see the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame or plan to party down the road at Lebron’s Akron house, you may want to save your cash for another locale.

7. @ Houston Texans (Week 12 – November 26 at 1 p.m.)

A Thanksgiving weekend Jags game in Houston could be great if you live or already have Thanksgiving plans in Houston. Otherwise, spend your holiday with loved ones in Jax, or elsewhere. Alternatively, if you and yours tend to celebrate with classic Thanksgiving yelling matches (I’m familiar), maybe a Houston getaway is a good idea after all?

6. @ Tennessee Titans (Week 18 – TBD)

So, there’s a chance this game could have some real meaning to it. Will the Jags be playing for the division? Maybe the #1 overall seed in the AFC playoffs? Not to mention, Nashville is a legit cool city – even if folks on Broadway think the Jags logo is Chester the Cheetah (screw them).

But at the same time, it’s Nashville in January. In fact, the last time the Jags played in Nashville in January was 2017, and it was the coldest recorded game in team history.

Some may prioritize this one since it’s always a fun feeling to beat the Titans, but we opted to rank it at no. 6 given the timing and the educated guess the Titans will be drowning in mayonnaise when it comes to the win-loss record.

5. @ Indianapolis Colts (Week 1 – September 10 at 1 p.m.)

There isn’t much in the regular season sports schedule that tops Week 1 of the NFL season. If the Jags were the Jags of most of the past two decades, I’d probably have this one listed at the very back of the pack. However, we tanked for Trevor, and a few seasons later, Jacksonville is looking to get its first win in what hopes to be a Super Bowl season – quite possibly against the man, the Mania himself.

4. @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Week 16 – December 24 at 4:05 p.m.)

We’ve turned the corner in our rankings with this one. If the regular season plays out how many expect, this game could see the Jags playing an inferior opponent in a game that could bolster their playoff seeding. And yes, it’s Christmas Eve, but Santa is a night owl. Do all your present wrapping in advance, and make sure you have a 5-hour energy/stiff eggnog ready to roll for the postgame celebration.

3. @ Pittsburgh Steelers (Week 8 – October 29 at 1 p.m.)

The average temperature in Pittsburgh around Halloween is in the high-50s, and when it comes to dressing in layers, teal is a great color. As someone who attended the 2007 Jaguars-Steelers playoff game, I can attest that Heinz Field (okay, Acrisure Stadium or whatever) is a cool stadium with a fun atmosphere. Steelers fans will give you shit, but trust me, the chance of getting a beer tossed on you or dodging batteries is nothing compared to the other NFL fan base in Pennsylvania.

2. @ Atlanta Falcons/Buffalo Bills - London (Week 3 and 4 – October 1 and October 8 at 9:30 a.m.)

What’s the advantage to playing back-to-back games in London (and yes, I know the Falcons game is technically a homer)? One reason is that the Jags won’t have to travel to Buffalo where they’d be forced to compete in a stadium where half the fans seem like they just stepped off the set of Maury.

The other reason is that if you have the time and money, the Falcons/Bills games in early October make for a hell of an excuse to go on a European excursion. Let ‘em talk all they want about the Jags moving to London. The stadium deal is going to happen. The Jags will stay in Jacksonville. In the meantime, here’s your chance to get a taste of the Ted Lasso experience.

1. @ New Orleans Saints (Week 7 – October 19 at 8:15 pm)

I mean, New Orleans going into a long weekend when it probably will not be muggy as balls outside … good times await. A short, boozy flight or a road trip through the redneck riviera are both good travel options. Even if you’re a Jags fan from, let’s say California wine country, a relatively cheap flight to New Orleans is also a possibility. And if the preseason oddsmakers are correct, the Jags should walk away with a W while you drunkenly walk away down Bourbon Street.