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Pederson thinks the roster is in a better place, and it’s not a ‘reality’ to sign Hopkins

Doug Pederson, Mike Caldwell, and Trevor Lawrence met with the media today, plus other highlights from day 7 of OTAs

Syndication: Florida Times-Union Corey Perrine/Florida Times-Union / USA TODAY NETWORK

The Jacksonville Jaguars held their 7th out of 10 voluntary OTA practices today. Although OTAs end on Thursday, the mandatory minicamp starts next week! Minicamp will last from June 12th - 14th and will conclude the Jaguars’ offseason program. To start the final week of OTAs, Coach Doug Pederson and Defensive Coordinator Mike Caldwell met with the media.

Pederson spoke briefly about how pleased he is with the participation during the voluntary practices, with the number of players that have shown up, and how coaches are able to take things they learned from last season and get things on film. Pederson said overall he’s happy with the offseason thus far. He also said he’s decided how he’s going to handle minicamp but will probably not be sharing that.

When asked about the pass rush, Pederson said, “There’s going to be guys probably going into training camp, there’s going to be guys coming out of training camp that we’ll take a look at, but those are all things and conversations for down the road. We’ve been pleased with the guys that are here and working, and you know, we’ve just got to get them better and ready to go.”

The absence of Josh Allen and Evan Engram has been noted over the past two weeks, Doug Pederson stated Josh Allen’s position coach, Bill Shuey, has probably talked to him the most and has been keeping Pederson updated. Pederson also noted that Allen is working and isn’t taking the time off. Josh Allen is expected to be at next week’s minicamp. Pederson said Gerritt Prince, Luke Farrell, and Brenton Strange have been able to take on extra reps without Engram there.

When asked about linebacker Travon Walker, Pederson said “He’s working on the things he needs to work on”, and he will have some cross-training with defensive lineman coach Brentson Buckner. On how he’s feeling about Andre Cisco: “Really good. A little bit bigger. A lot of confidence. Healthy. He’s done a really nice job. Him and Rayshawn having a full season together last year is going to be better for those two on the back end and the communication. Like where he’s at. He’s in a good place”.

Coach Pederson was also asked about expectations for the upcoming season. He stated that it falls on him to make sure the team doesn't look past what they’re trying to accomplish today. “Last year is last year.” He also thinks the roster is in a better place when it comes to depth than it was last year. “Right now, I would say everything looks great”.

When Defensive Coordinator Mike Caldwell spoke about the team’s nickel situation, he stated Tre Herndon was the nickel that “settled us down” in 2022, and it’s currently an open competition, but he should have an idea by the first preseason game. When asked about Devin Lloyd, Caldwell said he's in a good spot mentally and physically. He also noted that he can see the growth in Travon Walker. When asked about the depth of the roster, Caldwell said, “It’s tough on us to find a way to get everyone on the field, but that’s a good problem to have”.

Our QB1 also met with the media today following the practice. Lawrence said, “This is the first time in a while I haven’t had to learn a new offense.”

There were also some Jaguars legends in the building for practice today! The group included one of my favorite Jaguars, Big John Henderson.

Mia O’Brien noted that Erick Hallett worked with the safeties today after working with the cornerbacks during previous OTAs.

Since it was the final media day for OTAs, I added a few more clips to this week’s roundup.

Lawrence to Agnew:

Lawrence to Kirk:

Lawrence to Luke Farrell:

Lawrence to Oliver Martin:

Lawrence to Prince:

Zay Jones:


Christian Kirk, Zay Jones, and Calvin Ridley:

Kirk, Jones, Ridley, and Agnew:

Brandon McManus:

Tyson Campbell working with Antonio Johnson after practice:

Sammis Reyes:

Walker Little:

What have been your takeaways from this year’s OTAs? Do you think the roster is in a better spot depth-wise compared to last year? Let us know in the comments how you’re feeling headed into next week’s minicamp.