Money Down Pass Defense Review - 2022 Week 2

Jaguars' Doug Pederson defends DC Mike Caldwell after defensive fiasco

I have decided to chart the defenses Mike Caldwell has called on "money downs" (3rd and 4th downs with 4 or more yards to go) to get an idea of his approach to defense, week 1's review can be found here.

3rd & 4 at 50

The Colts use BLUE personnel (3 WRs, 1 tailback, 1 tightend) and a 2 x 2 formation. The Jaguars respond by putting 2-4-5 personnel on the field in a 50 front and running a Cover 1 six man pressure with both inside linebackers blitzing. Jonathan Taylor stays in to block, placing 6 hats on our 6 rushers buying Matt Ryan enough time to connect short right to Ashton Dulin for the first down.


3rd & 10 at JAX 40

The Colts once again utilize BLUE personnel and are in a formation that Nick Saban would call Train Left Y Wider, or rather a 3 x 1 formation with the trips to the QB's right hand side with the tightend being the furthest eligible receiver on that side. Mike Caldwell has a 1-5-5 personnel group take the field and play a Cover 2 Man defense with Devin Lloyd split out wide on the tightend and Foye on the tailback (who stays in to block). Matt Ryan has an errant throw targeting the deep out route by the inside receiver and is picked off by Jenkins.


3rd & 13 at IND 35

Indy brings out BLUE personnel in a Trey formation (3 WRs to one side with the TE on the opposite side). The Jaguars use 2-4-5 personnel and once again call Cover 2 Man with Foye on the tailback and Devin Lloyd following the tightend to the boundary side (shorter side of the field due to the ball being placed on a hash). Devin Lloyd avoids major conflict on the Mesh concept (2 crossing shallow routes designed to rub/pick defenders off in the traffic created) and tackles Kylen Granson short of the line to gain.


3rd & 7 at IND 47

The Colts bring what appears to be BLUE personnel to the field with a Trips Bunch formation with the tightend as the "point man" of the formation (receiver on the line of scrimmage) to the Field side (wider section of field when the ball is spotted on a hash mark). 2-4-5 personnel is once again on the field and Mike Caldwell dials up another blitz sending Foye into the OL from depth. The Colts' OL doesn't pick up on Josh Allen lining up about a yard off of the line of scrimmage, and he eventually gets home as the tailback check releases too quickly leaving 5 OL to block 6 rushers.


3rd & 6 at IND 26

The offense chooses BLUE personnel and is in a Gun Far Trips formation (QB in the shotgun, tailback in a sidecar on the opposite side of the tightend) to the QB's right. Mike Caldwell responds with 2-4-5 personnel and aligns in a BOSS front (Bigs On Same Side) with a majority of the front on the side opposite of the tailback, which is beginning to be a habit. The call appears to be a Cover 2 Man Blitz with Devin Lloyd on the tightend and Foye green dogging the tailback (blitzing if the back stays in to block, covering if they release). The pass to Patmon falls incomplete as the defense tallies its fourth money down stop of the game.


3rd & 13 at IND 39

The Colts bring out BLUE personnel in a Gun Far 2 x 2 formation. The Jaguars respond with a 1-5-5 personnel grouping in another BOSS front with a call of what is most likely Cover 3 Buzz with the outside cornerbacks switching to man coverage on the vertical stems of the outside receivers. The tailback and tightend check release buying Matt Ryan some extra time, but he is forced to check it down to his tightend who is tackled short of the sticks by Devin Lloyd causing the team to decline the illegal formation penalty.


3rd & Goal at JAX 22

With the Colts hovering just outside of the redzone they decide to use BLUE personnel in an Empty Train Y Flex H Outside formation. Mike Caldwell responds with 2-4-5 personnel in what appears to be a call of Rush Viper Fire Zone from the Gregg Williams defensive playbook (Blitzing both the free safety and weakside inside linebacker while Travon Walker drops back into coverage). Matt Ryan throws short of the sticks and Hines isn't able to get enough yards after catch to score.


4th & 13 at JAX 13

Down 24 points and with the threat of the eventual shutout looming, the Colts go for it on 4th down in the redzone with BLUE personnel in a Gun Near 2 x 2 formation. Mike Caldwell keeps the 2-4-5 personnel on the field and calls a variation of Cover 4 with some Man concepts to the the boundary and zone to the field. Mixing things up a little Devin Lloyd is man up on the tailback and Foye is responsible for the tightend. The defense forces Matt Ryan into a scramble drill where he is not able to connect due to a Shaquil Griffin pass deflection.


3rd & 7 at JAX 8

Finding themselves in the area between the well known redzone and PFF's greenzone, an area I like to call the yellowzone, the Colts mix it up with SILVER personnel (2 WRs, 1 tailback, and 2 TEs) in an Empty formation with the tailback as the slot receiver in the Trips Bunch to the QB's right with one of the tightends in a Flex position to the weak side of the formation and the other as the point man in the bunch. Matching a heavier personnel and being so close to the goal line the Jaguars are in 3-4-4 personnel and are frustratingly playing 4 over 2 to the weak side and only 2 over 3 to the passing strength endangering the shutout should the Colts call any sort of concept that floods the area outside of the Bunch. Luckily one of the Bunch routes breaks inside so that Devin Lloyd can have leverage on this route while Adam Gotsis is able to get enough pressure on Matt Ryan to force him to target his hot route the quick slant, which he misses.


4th & 7 at JAX 8

With one last shot at avoiding the shutout the Colts switch back to BLUE personnel in a Gun Far Y Flex Trips to the QB's right formation. On the final money down of the game Mike Caldwell chooses to match with 2-4-5 personnel in another BOSS front away from the tailback. The combination of a POP stunt and a blitzing Foye leaves the right tackle on an island against Travon Walker's speed rush, and Matt Ryan without a pocket to step up into has to scramble to his right limiting his options down to one receiver to throw to. To seal the shutout Jenkins breaks on the ball and deflects it at the last second finishing the statement win by the Jaguars.


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