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71 days until the Jaguars’ regular season: Tony Boselli

We are officially 71 days away from the Jaguars’ regular season

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The countdown is on, and we are officially 71 days away from the Jacksonville Jaguars’ regular season kickoff! Of course, we’re going to talk about the Jaguars’ first draft pick, Hall of Fame left tackle Tony Boselli. Boselli was selected 2nd overall during the 1995 NFL Draft. He played for Jacksonville from 1995-2001. During his seven seasons with the team, he started 90 out of 91 regular season games, made five straight Pro Bowls (1997-2001) and the 1995 NFL All-Rookie Team, in addition to being named First-Team All-Pro three times (1997-1999) and to the NFL 1990’s All-Decade Team.

After the Jaguars won their first division title in 1998, Boselli was named the team’s Most Valuable Player. He became the first “Pride of the Jaguars” inductee in 2006 and was the first Jaguar enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2022. Former Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell introduced Boselli into the Hall of Fame and stated, “He wanted to absolutely dominate his opponent that was a good game for Tony Boselli. And it happened more times than not just protecting the quarterback, yeah, that was pretty easy for him. But he was a fierce competitor and he was not gonna let anybody get to the quarterback.”

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